Fire, PD, Med

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Ok, so I got this first idea from Ssmith_2005611
The comment read:

If you want ideas:
Chief Boden, Miss Goodwin and Sargent Voight and everyone who works under/with them had a big meeting that something happened at school.

Of course, it's a good idea. So we're gonna do it.

"What happened?" Voight asked, walking into the school with Jay, Alvin, Adam, Antonio, Kim, Kevin and Sean.

They were guided to a meeting room, with tons of seats, but knowing how many people were coming. It wouldn't be enough. The police didn't sit down. They stood near the wall. Just in case.

Next came the Chicago Med. However not everyone since they were still meant to be at work.
The people who came were Connor Rhodes, Ethan Choi, Will Halstead and Sharon Goodwin.

Sharon and Voight had a quick talk while The others just said a quick hello to the police. Will specifically saying hello to his brother before sitting down.

Next, the Chicago Fire lot came in. Once again, not everyone due to the fact they were meant to be working.

The people there for Chicago Fire were.. Matthew Casey, Kelly Severide, Otis, Joe Cruz and Wellace Boden.

Boden said a hello to Voight and Sharon before standing to the side.
It seemed, Fire and Police stood up and the Medical lot stayed sat down. Not much of a surprise since Medical were on their feat all day, barely any breaks.

"Why are we all here again?" Cruz asked.
"Apparently something happened with Ashley. Teacher said to bring her family, so we did." Jay and Will explained together.

The headmaster walked in with a young girl, around Ashley's age.
The Headmaster explained how the girl had been threatening Ashley for a while.

Of course, the Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD all got mad. But stayed calm for the sake of the girl's age.

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