Bad Word - Med

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Ashley (Aged 1) was at the hospital with her brother Will. This was because Jay was going undercover.

Dr Choi was stuck watching the 1 year old, feeding her since Will was busy.
"Come on kid, why can't you just sit still and eat your food?" Choi asked.
"No!" She cried.
"For fuck sake..." Choi muttered, putting his hand to his face.
"Fuck." Ashley repeated.
"No! no! No! Don't repeat that!" Choi told her.
She shrugged, standing up and waddling out of the Break room. Straight to her big brother who she saw instantly because of his red hair.

"Will Will!" She shouted.
Will rushed over to her before picking her up.  "What're you doing out here?" He asked.
"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" She spoke happily.
"Choi..." Will muttered walking into the Break room, pissed off. Dr Connor, having heard the girl swear, followed after quickly.
"Yes?" Choi asked, nervously.
"You taught my baby sister to swear..." He muttered.

Choi ended up getting bullied for the evening by ALL of the doctors, nurses and more. All because he taught a 1 year old girl to swear.

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