How Does that Not worry you?

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Ashley had just finished her day at school. She walked the somewhat short walk to the nearby station where one of her older brothers worked. Jay Halstead. He was a Detective in the Intelligence Unit, in the 21st District. Sergeant Hank Voight of course being the man in charge of the Unit, although there were others in high positions there also.
She walked in and walked straight up to the desk where Sergeant Trudy Platt was stood doing something on her computer. She seemed to be concentrating, although Ashley knew she could interupt her. Jay would be told off for it, which was funny.

"Good afternoon, Trudy. Is everyone else upstairs?" She asked.
"Yes, they're upstairs. They got back from a crime scene around an hour ago." Trudy explained to her, looking up at her.
"Am I good to head on up then?" Ashley added.
"Yeah, go ahead. I'll buzz you up." Trudy nodded, buzing her up as she went up the stairs.

As soon as she walked upstairs she didn't really see anyone at the front part where all the desks were, so she just walked up to the large board with information and photos. It seemed that someone had ben attacked..  They were reported missing over 3 weeks ago, and was found early hours this morning. It was the parents that found them dead under the house.

"Interested in thee case, Ash?" Antonio asked as he walked back into the office of sorts.
"Nope. Just bored. So this women was found dead under the house? Wouldn't the parents have looked down there a while ago? or atleast noticed the smell of the body after a couple days?" Ashley asked.
"Well, it could have been the parents who murdered their daughter. Or they could have just been too upset to check. We don't really know yet." Voight explained as the others walked back into the office room.
"Seems a little bit like the parents murdered them." She shrugged.
"How does that not worry you? She knows so much." Antonio chuckled.
"I have no idea." Jay shrugged and gave her a quick hug.

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