"I'm Fine."

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Ashley, aged 12 was at school when a girl who had been quite mean to Ashley for a while. Suddenly attacked her.

Despite the more and more hits that were slowly making her dazed, Ashley caught a few things.
But the next thing she saw were some Paramedics. The school must have called the ambulance. The nurse wasn't exactly good.

"Hey there kiddo. Mind telling me your name?" The man asked, currently checking her over.
"Ash...Ashley... Halstead." She spoke, her voice barely over a whisper.
"Halstead? Will and Jay's baby sister?" He asked. It wasn't too much of a surprise that he knew them. They were quite well known.
"Mhm..." She nodded.
"Well, we best make sure you get to Chicago Med safely." He smiled.
"You know we have to take her to the children's hospital Jack, we can't just go to wherever you want." The female spat.
"Too bad, we're taking her to Chicago Med. That's an order." He told her. Helping her onto a stretcher.

She was carried outside into the ambulance. The women didn't want to take her to Chicago Med since she was a child. Apparently it was protocall to take her to the children hospital. But she did end up agreeing to take her to Chicago Med.

Jack, the man who knew her brothers stayed in the back with her. Talking to her all the way.

They helped her inside. Instantly Maggie called for a free doctor.

"Dr Rhodes! Trauma 5!" Maggie yelled, looking at Ashley with a sad smile.
"What've we got? Nice to see you again Ashley." He added.
"Ashley Halstead, age 12. Beat up at school. No head, neck or spinal injury. Possible broken wrist." Jack explained.
"Move her on my count." Rhodes said to the nurses around her as Ashley waved Jack off. "Three, two, one." He said. They passed her onto the hospital bed.

"Right, everywhere you hurt Ashley." Dr Rhodes said as a nurse injected her with pain medication and another checked her wrist.
"It's just my wrist, Connor. I'm fine." She laughed.
"Ashley. If you're hurting anywhere else you need to tell him. You know you'll never feel better if he doesn't sort it out." Will spoke. He was stood at the enterance of the trauma room.
"I'm fine, Will. It's just my arm. And a few bruises. But they'll be fine." She smiled.

Will walked over, pulling on gloves. Usually they didn't allow him to deal with his sisters medical stuff, but in some cases, he did anyways. He pressed down on her legs. Seeing no wince he moved to her waist and stomach. Then her shoulder. However, seeing a wince then, he pulled her shirt down her shoulder slightly, seeing a bruise.
"That bruise is a bit dark already, Ashley. We're going to need to take a scan just to make sure it isn't too much internal damage." Connor smiled gently.
"That's fine." She sighed.

She had her scans done. Now she was waiting for Natalie to come and put a cast on her hand.
"How is it that you always get hurt?" Jay asked.
"She get's it from you." Will rolled his eyes.
"How can she get it from me? I'm her brother, not her dad. God. And I thought you were a doctor." Jay smirked.
"We raised her. She follows what we do." Will explained. "Idiot." He finished.

Ashley was released around 2 hours later after Connor once again checked her shoulder, making sure the ice pack he gave her made it slightly less dark.

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