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Jay was currently on a case, which was a lot more dangerous than he knew.

Antonio's daughter had nearly been kidnapped. but thankfully, in the end, she was fine and safe. Due to this, Antonio had his two children sent into lockdown at their house with some cops surrounding the house to ensure their safety.

Next was Kevin's sister. She was taken but found an hour later, beat up in an alley. She was sent to hospital. Kevin sent his brother to stay with her. Cops stood outside the room just in case.

"Something's not right. Antonio has two kids. A male and a female. But they tried taking his daughter." Adam explained. "Then Kevin, he has two siblings. Also a male and a female. They took his sister. This can't just be grabbing whoever. They're going after our family. Which means..." Adam looked at Adam. "Ashley's next." He stated.
"Crap...." Jay mumbled. "And she got out of school five minutes ago..." Jay sighed.

They all jumped as Jay's phone began ringing. He put it on speaker.

"Jay Halstead." Jay spoke.
"Jay, It's me Ashley. A man attacked me in an Alley. He had a gun. I tried getting it from him, but he ended up shooting himself. Its the one next to school, next to the cafe." She explained.

All of the group began driving there.
"Are you injured?" Jay asked.
"Bloody nose and a possible broken finger, but yeah I'm fine." She stated.

Voight was the first to the scene, instantly grabbing Ashley's shoulders and moving her out of the Alley and away from the body. Which they found really soon, was infact dead.

"Right... Thank god your fine." Jay told his sister.
"I think I stubbed my toe." She stated.
"You nearly got taken and your worried about your toe." Jay shook his head while laughing.

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