Fathers Day

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(Age 12)

Fathers day was another day that she didn't actually like. The only downside was that Fathers day was found on a Sunday and she had never celebrated it before.

Kim was babysitting her in the break room, since everyone else was out.

"Kim, can I write a few cards?" She asked.
"Sure, let me grab you some card and pens." She smiled, going into a draw and grabbing them out. Then handed her them.

She made multiple cards, having plenty of time. Kim helped her with each to speed things up.

The list of people that she made a card for...

Antonio, (Who was only in half a day because he wanted to spend time with his own kids)
Alvin, (Also half a day to spend time with his kid)

Then she did more, adressed to,

Connor Rhodes,
Ethan Choi,
Daniel Charles

She then did the fire lot,

Matthew Casey,
Kelly Severide,
Wellace Boden,
Joe Cruz

Then She spent the most time on her two brothers cards. Jay and Will.

By the end of the two hours, she had 16 cards done.

Thankfully, Alvin and Antonio were back, so she quickly handed each of them their cards.

"Aw, thank you Ashley." Alvin smiled, hugging her.
Antonio then hugged her straight after.
They left around five minutes later with their cards.

Ashley went into Hank's office, using a key he had given her a while ago. He put the card on his desk before leaving, locking his door. She then placed a card on, Kevins desk, Adams. Then she had to go to the locker room to place Seans in his locker.

Kim then drove her to the fire station. The trucks were gone, meaning they were out dealing with something. So she walked into the break room and placed the cards down.

Kim then drove her to the hospital. Thankfully Maggie said that Will was up a few floors dealing with something, so Ashley handed the cards to Maggie to give to the men.

Finally, Kim took her to the shops to buy 2 teddy's for her brothers. Each, a different sort of bear. One in a police uniform and another in a doctors uniform. She then got dropped off home in time for the two men to come inside.

"Hey kiddo." Will and Jay spoke together before instantly hugging her.
"Hi! I got something for you both." She said, holding up two bags.
"Oh, what's this about?" jay asked.
"For fathers day." she grinned.
"You shouldn't have." Will smiled.

"Open them." She grinned.

They opened their bags, smiling at the two items.

"This is adorable." Will smiled, showing his bear.
"Oh, we got matching bears. Mines a cop." Jay smiled, showing his.

Suddenly, both brothers looked at each other before Jay picked up his sister, throwing her onto his shoulder before they ran upstairs to her room. Jay then threw her gently onto the bed before the two brothers began tickling her.

The trio did end up watching a movie together before simply falling asleep hugging.

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