Going to Work With Will

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A couple of days after going with Jay to work. Jay was called into a murder scene so Ashley was left home with Will.

"Ash! Come on! I have to head into work. They need some assistance, your coming with!" He explained.

Of course, they went straight to the hospital and Ashley went ahead to hang out with Maggie and April. She usually just sat behind one of the computers, drawing, or doing her work. She usually did this on the weekend when Jay or him were called in. She couldn't go with Jay when he was called in, usually. Because it was dead bodies.

Sharon Goodwin however was something she had noticed. She walked over to her, smiling slightly.

"Hello Ashley, where's your brother?" She asked.
"Trauma 5. Dealing with a woman with Endometriosis." Ashley explained, struggling with the word but she said it.
"Right, thank you." She smiled, before going straight to tauma 5.

A moment later, Sharon walked out and away. However it took a second for Will to walk over. Taking off his gloves.

"Maggie, you don't need to watch Ashley. She's staying right beside me for the rest of the day." She heard Will tell Maggie.
"How come?" Maggie asked.
Will explained how 3 prisoners were being brought into the hospital. Each had a strong history of kidnapping little girls, from ages 3 to around 15. Therefore, Sharon Goodwin didn't want a young girl, walking around or even being in the open, doing whatever away. It was too dangerous.

Goodwin wanted to give Ashley to Dr Charles. Let him babysit in his office. But Will had chosen to keep her right beside him. It's not like she misbehaved around him. He knew she would be good around him.

"Ash! Come on, your sticking around me for the day!" Will shouted over to her.
"Okay." She nodded, leaving her drawing's where they were.

As if on cue, police began walking in with 3 men. All of them were stuck on the bed with cuff's.

A second later, Will pulled her close to him, moving slightly for the bed's to go past. After they were put into their rooms, Will finally took her hand before bringing her to trauma 5.

"How are you feeling Steph?" Will asked.
"Good. Who's this?" She asked, looking at Ashley.
"This is my little sister. I can't have her out of my sight at the moment. So she's going to be around me for a bit. If you're alright, Dr Rhodes will get some last minute tests done, then you should be ready to go home." Will explained.
"Thank you Dr Halstead." She smiled.

Will took her hand again before walking out of the room.

"Dr Halstead! Gunshot wound! Male, 35. Trauma 2 please!" Maggie yelled.

"Will! I have a break, I'll watch Ashley till you're done in there." Connor Rhodes spoke quickly.
"Thanks, don't let her out of your sight!" Will spoke before running off.

"Right, Ashley, into the break room. Want a pack of crisps while we're in there?" He asked, walking with her.
"Okay. And some water?" She asked.
"And some water." Connor chuckled slightly, opening the door for her. She walked in and sat down as he walked over to the food part. Grabbing a water bottle and a pack of crisps.

He walked back over and handed her the stuff before giving her a bit of paper to draw.

He then walked over to sit down and eat his lunch.
Suddenly however his phone beeped as he nearly finished.
He went to the doorway before yelling.

"Dr Choi! Mind watching Ashley till Will is free?" He asked quickly.
"Sure." He nodded, walking in and sitting down as Connor left.

"Hey kid. Bored?" Choi asked.
"Yep. Can't be left alone so that isn't fun." She shrugged.
"It's for your own safety." Choi smiled, going on his phone.

Around five minutes later, Will walked in.
"Thanks, Choi." Will smiled, watching as he nodded, then leaving.

"Just an hour more before Jay will be able to get here." He explained.
"Alright." She nodded.

She spent 15 minutes with Will before they headed to deal with another patient.

Will was dealing with a patient, that had a large wound. They were trying to stitch him up.

"Why is there a child in here? Should I put her in the waiting room?" A nurse asked. She seemed to be new.
"Don't. She's my sister. She's aloud in here." Will spoke up before going back to stitching him up.

The nurse seemed quite annoyed she was pointed out. However, the next hour went well. And when Jay arrived, Will explained the situation. So he took her shoulder and guided her out before taking her back to the company.

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