You Gotta listen to the Baby

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Ashley, aged 3 was playing with her toys, just next to Jay's feet. He was working on a project. But she didn't care, getting up and heading over to Adam.

"Adam." She spoke.
"What's up kiddo?" Adam asked.
"Can we play?" She asked.
"Later, I'm busy right now." He stated.
"Alright." She shrugged, going off to Antonio who seemed to never be busy for her.

"Tonio." She spoke.
"Hey there Angel." He smiled, picking her up onto his lap as he looked at her. "What do you need kiddo?" He asked.
"Adam said he would play with me later, but I know he's lying. What should I do?" She asked.
"Give me a second." He smiled, putting her on his chair as he walked over to Adam, leaning on his side with his gun. Talking to him about a case from a while ago while he grabbed his gun, without Adam noticing. He then walked back to her, putting his gun in his desk draw before locking it. He then handed her a toy gun, weirdly a lot like Adam's gun.

Antonio quickly went around to everyone, telling them what was going on before sitting back at his desk. Allowing her to go ask Adam to play again.

"Adam can we play?" She asked.
"I said later." Adam told her.
She waited a second. "It's later." She stated.
"Later." He told her.
She pulled out the 'gun' and smiled. "Fine, I'll play with this." She shrugged, pointing it at him.
"No! Hand that to me!" He told her, worry all over his face.
"No. You won't play with me!" She spat.
"Fine! I'll play with you. Just hand me the gun." He stated. She did so.

"Your lucky the gun was fake." Antonio said, handing him the real gun, patting Ashley's head before leaving.

"You gotta listen to the baby." Jay shrugged, throwing over a bag of dried strawberries. "Shes gotta eat something. Feed her." He stated.

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