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New Suggestion-

I just discover your stories and I love them! This one is awesome! 🤩 I can’t wait to read more of them! If you’re agree, could you write one where Ashley is going to the dentist and Will and Jay have to reassure her. You can decide why she’s going to the dentist. I have an other idea: Ashley is at a party with the staff from med, firemen from 51, and cops from the 21st district. But after a while she gets sick, doesn’t feel well and/or gets hurt, while playing with, for example, Annabelle (Herrmann’s daughter). Jay and Will have to take her to Med to make her fell better but she prefers to stay at the party and play. Her condition could get worse and they are forced to take her to the hospital. At the hospital, a medical student could also make a big mistake by using latex gloves when she is allergic to them, which would cause her to go into anaphylactic shock, making Jay and Will angry and also worried. This is the end of my essay! 😂 Keep up the good work! 😊

Since I had the series on hold, I had plenty of time to think about this, in which I finally decided on what to pick. I decided on the Dentist option, although if any of you are writers, I believe you can write the story. Maybe comment it with the link in my comments for the person to read it if they want to.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

Age 7

"Will, my tooth hurts." Ashley spoke, walking into the sitting room where her brothers were.
"Oh? Come show me then hun." Will smiled, motioning for her to walk over, which she did. "Mouth open." Will said, pointing a flashlight of his phone to her mouth.
She opened her mouth and let her brother look into her mouth at her teeth. "Ah yeah, you have a bit of a cavity, I'll book you a dentist appointment." Will told her.
"What's the dentist, Will? Are they scary?" Ashley asked.
Jay smiled, pulling her onto his lap gently.
"They're not scary, they just look into your mouth and fix what's wrong with your teeth and your gums. They're like me, a doctor. They heal everything that's wrong with you. But they work mainly in your mouth." Will explained.
"Me and Will go to the dentist every so often. They keep our teeth perfectly healthy." Jay smiled gently, hugging his little sister.
"Oh, okay." Ashley nodded.
"Now, how about you have your Ipad for the next half an hour while me and Jay make dinner?" Will asked.
"Okay." Ashley nodded, taking the Ipad from his grip as they walked away.

Ashley spent her time just looking up dentist, looking at photos of the dentist and then people's responses of going to the dentist. Most weren't possitive, infact, most said Dentists were terrifying. This caused Ashley to get rather scared, why wouldn't she be? She just learnt that Dentists were bloody terrifying!

She ate with her brothers. She had a bath before getting changed into her PJ's. She then went to bed.
The next morning, she woke up and got changed before heading downstairs.
"Oh good, your awake, come on we have to go." Will spoke. She followed him to the car, remaining quiet as they drove, guessing they were going to either Chicago Med or Jay's workplace. She was proven wrong as they parked outside of a dentist.

"Come on the kiddo, let's get your teeth sorted." Will smiled.
"I don't want to. The dentist is scary." Ashley spoke.
"How would you know? The last time you needed to come was when you were three. Us at the hospital keep checking them for you." Will stated.
"I saw it on the internet." Ashley spoke.
"They're fake Ashley. Now come on." Will sighed.

Ashley actually liked it, getting a filling before being given a free toothbrush and a sugar free lolly.
Will then told her a story of how Jay was terrified of dentists as a child. Will did that while taking her straight to school, signing her in late and explaining she had been at the dentist. Showing a letter for proof. He then went to work a bit late, showing the smae letter again so he wouldn't get in trouble. Goodwin just smiled it off, saying he didn't need to show her, he could have just told her and she would believe him.

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