Overworked + Seizure

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Another day, another request. Here's what the requester said in the message.
Note that I've not put the whole paragraph because I'm sure you don't fancy reading the praises and all that.
I've copied and pasted the concept from their message, mainly because the gramatical errors aren't as bad and you can actually understand it.

"Could you do it so that Ashley is a teenager and say that she has had a lot of schoolwork and it has stressed her out a lot so she’s been staying up late at night to finish all the work and not eating enough and just super exhausted but she has been hiding it from her brothers because she doesn’t want them to worry. One day when she is at the district the stress becomes to much for her and she has a seizure from the stress and also being dehydrated so she is taken to med and treated and then afterwards her brothers take care of her and stuff like that and they talk to her about everything that has been going on. "

So of course, since it was suggested, I'll write it.  Please note I've never had a seizure, and never really witnessed one either.

For over a week, Ashley had been working on her exams. She was 16, meaning she was working hard to make sure she didn't have to stay in education for too long.
However, due to that, she had been rather stupid. Not taking care of herself. Not eating enough. Not drinking enough. Not sleeping enough... And she had no one to tell her to rest or to eat since her brothers weren't aware and she never told them she was struggling.

Finally the day of her final test came. She took it before finally being given 5 minutes in class to calm down.
"Even though the exams are over, tommorow, all of you will sit another test. This will be for extra marks." The teacher smiled before sending them home.

However, for Ashley that meant she had to get to the district. She took her walk there, reading her book about History.
She finally arrived at the district, not even saying hello to Trudy since she seemed busy. She just headed straight up the stairs, scanning her hand on the way.

Surprisingly, no one was currently upstairs, not even Voight or Alvin. So she just sat at her brothers desk. Getting out her remainding homework and starting on it.

She stopped writing around an hour later as her hands were shaking pretty bad. She got up in hopes to grab something to eat. Surely all see needed was a bit of chocolate and she'd be fine.

However, as she stepped forwards, she saw darkness before feeling herself as she fell... Then nothing.

When Jay and the team walked into the office, they didn't expect to see the child of the group, laid on the ground, convulcing.
Heck, Jay couldn't think. All he knew was that he was crying, trying to get to his sister. Adam, Kevin and Alvin all held him away from her.

Voight was phoning an ambulance while Antonio seemed use to this. He had a paramedic as a sister so he was able to know a little bit.
While Jay, he was a bit too scared for his sister's life to remember the training he had.

After one minute of watching the girl seize, she finally stopped. Jay was aloud next to his sister, holding her carefully in recovery position.

Suddenly paramedic's and Trudy walked up.
"I'm sorry. They said someone called th-" Trudy stopped, seeing Ashley laid on the ground.

The paramedic's asked Antonio some questions as they got Ashley on a stretcher.

"Call us if anything happens." Voight told Jay as he rushed after them. Jay just nodded.

The trip in the ambulance seemed years before they arrived at the hospital. Jay was just rushing, at his sisters side as they headed into the hospital where his brother worker.

"Dr Rhodes! Truama 3!" Maggie yelled, not seeing who it was.
"Female, age 16, had a seizure. No history of sizures. Still unconcious." The Paramedic told Dr Rhodes.
"Right, trauma 3- Wait.... Jay what are you doing here?" Dr Rhodes asked.
"It's Ashley..." Jay muttered, motioning to her.
"Shoot. Right, MAGGIE! Call Will!" Rhodes said before checking her over. "I want a blood test done and then a urine sample." Rhodes told one of the nurses. "Is she sick? Or is there any chance she's pregnant?" Connor asked.

"She doesn't have a boyfriend so I don't know if she's pregnant, but I know she isn't sick." Jay explained just as Will walked inside.

"What happened?" WIll asked as soon as he got to Ashley's side.
"She had a seizure..." Jay stated, instantly moving to him and hugging Will. His face shoved against Will's chest.

Will's eyes widened. Looking down at his Younger brother's head.
"You've been crying." He stated.
"She was just flinging her arms and legs... I couldn't help." Jay said through sniffles.
"Calm down. I don't think it would be good for Ash to wake up, seeing one of her big brothers crying. Shes 16 and she's never seen you cry." Will told him.

Jay calmed down a bit and sat down as they waited for the results. In the end, Connor explained to the brothers that the seizure was caused by stress, overworking, lack of sleep, lack of eating and lack of water. Normally it would cause a fainting spell to get her some rest, but due to the lack of vitimins, it caused a seizure.

Jay and Will spent the next week, giving her time away from school. She went around to the fire station. The 21st and the hospital that week. Each of the adults doing something fun with her to get her mind off of things.

Most of them included plenty of foods and drinks just in case the worry of not eating or drinking came up again.

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