Only Forever ✔️ by SamanthaJayne_x
Only Forever ✔️by Samantha Jayne
Alaya Halliwell was just 18 when she left her mate, Cole Stone, it wasn't the fairytale she had dreamt when they found each other at 16. In fact, it was destructive and...
  • destructive
  • beta
  • luna
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His Runaway Wife ✔️ by Jami1012
His Runaway Wife ✔️by Jami Gallardo
"What a disappointment it's going to be for all of them to learn you are married." He looked up at me. "Rebecca-I didn't tell them-" "Stop."...
  • runaway
  • marriage
  • doctor
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LET ME BE YOUR HOME ( Completed )✔ by loveforbooks333
"i love you!" he said "shut up!" I barked , he didn't flinch though. "I really do" he looks defeated yet confident about his intentions. ...
  • shorttempered
  • hiddentreasures
  • funny
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Divine Will  by Lila-K
Divine Will by Lila-K
'There's nothing worse than meeting the right person at the wrong time.' Rosie Williams, a married woman with two kids, meets a handsome doctor, Julian King, during a vi...
  • children
  • widow
  • mother
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The Broken Orphan by walkingdead200208
The Broken Orphanby Music&BookLover13
Evangeline is a troubled girl. Anxiety and panic attacks affect her every day. She's an orphan with a horrible past. Abused by the people she was supposed to trust. Hurt...
  • dentist
  • doctor
  • orphan
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A Love found in Affliction by nav_k21
A Love found in Afflictionby Navjot Gill
With in the four walls of Wentworth East Hospital, Manhattan, two people found their life's turned upside down at the same time. Had fate planned this affliction so the...
  • newyork
  • grief
  • baby
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change by deluxemendes_
changeby Abi:)
"Change is a good thing, right?" "Yes mom- change is just- great."
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • medicine
  • clifford
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Criminal by wingandaprayer
Criminalby wingandaprayer
Single father Garrett Molanari has been trying to do the best he can by his 6 year old son since his wife's murder. It's been six months since she was killed by a rival...
  • danger
  • kidnap
  • singlefather
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the doctor by deluxemendes_
the doctorby Abi:)
"Why do you hate going to visit your brother?" "It's not that I hate going to visit him, it's that I haven't visited him in six years, and now he's a doc...
  • 5sscondsofsummer
  • doctor
  • thewattys
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Her Perfect Romance | Harry Styles by -styles-x
Her Perfect Romance | Harry Stylesby -styles-x
Faye Perkins. A senior in high school with no plans for her future. However, her life takes drastic turns for the better and the worse when Harry enters her life. Join...
  • harry
  • love
  • agegap
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His Curvy Neighbor (Slow Updates) by phatnotfat
His Curvy Neighbor (Slow Updates)by phatnotfat
She just moved in next door. And now he wants her to move in with him. Full description in the book . #127 in Chicklit 05/05/18 #44 of 603 in Curvy 12/09/18 #1 of 11 in...
  • millionaire
  • love
  • curvy
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Doctors Orders (Manxman) by ana_on_fire_oww
Doctors Orders (Manxman)by Anasuya
Damien Rogers and Tristan Cooper were the kind of friends you would look at and say 'friendship goals'. From high school best friends to college room mates they had been...
  • gaylove
  • boyxboy
  • lgbtlove
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One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer Doctor Imagines and Sickfics by 1DHyperion
One Direction and Five Seconds 1DHyperion
REQUESTS OPEN! Just a bunch of doctor imagines and sickfics. I don't care about reality. In my stories Zayn either will or will be not in there. Depending on my mind or...
  • five
  • fandom
  • 1d
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UNTIL THE END | ✔️ by carita_dcosta
UNTIL THE END | ✔️by Carita D’Costa
Kenna Joy's life is shattered when she finds out she's positive for leukaemia. When she visits Travenford, the hospital where she is to be treated, she meets Tyler. Tyl...
  • fiction
  • mystiqueawards
  • wattpad2018
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The Girl of Time (Doctor Who Fan-fiction) by Izzy3803
The Girl of Time (Doctor Who Izzy
From the day they arrive on the planet, and blinking step into the sun, there is more to see than- "Dude, that's the Lion King." "Oh...sorry." "...
  • timelady
  • eleventhdoctor
  • fanfic
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Miss Assistant (Miss Series Book 2) by QueenShae007
Miss Assistant (Miss Series Book 2)by Shaylee
Alexander Evans is studying a degree in Medicine. All she has to do to finish the degree is write the exams. However, being a student comes with a lot of expenses and a...
  • secretary
  • exams
  • assistant
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Dr.Knight and Virgin Mary by BxxkTxpia
Dr.Knight and Virgin Maryby Chloe
***SAMPLE CHAPTERS*** In which Mary takes a trip to the gynecologist... Ranked #96 on Romance- 1/29/18
  • virgin
  • doctor
  • agegap
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Doctor imagines | 5sos by alibrooke28
Doctor imagines | 5sosby ☆ Ali ☆
This is a collection of only 5sos doctor imagines written by me. All imagines in this book are inspired by the works of @deluxemendes_ & @glitterfanfiction
  • calumhood
  • michaelcifford
  • lukehemmings
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Doctor for the Alpha by K_Richardson123
Doctor for the Alphaby KL Richardson
Emery is a smart, sassy, and gorgeous doctor. When she was asked to move to a new pack and become their doctor she had no idea what she was in for. Will all the feelings...
  • mates
  • alpha
  • doctor
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Wanting The Doctor by CompulsiveWriter
Wanting The Doctorby Maree O'Brien
Doctor Layton was a man with a reputation and it wasn't a good one. His sparkling eyes and sly smile held Jill captive almost as completely as the hospital bed and IV t...
  • patient
  • romance
  • nurse
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