Noona, I Hate You! ✔️•Jeon Jungkook Royal AU• Editing in Process• by LaikaTaehyung
Noona, I Hate You! ✔️•Jeon 「LK」
A loud cry echoed through the corridors of the palace, mainly coming from the Prince's room. "I want Noona here and NOW!" Cover Credit To @LaikaTaehyung 6/16/2...
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Patient Twelve by masonfitzzy
Patient Twelveby Mason FitzGibbon
Diana Slater wakes up in pain, restrained to a bed, and unable to see. All she can remember is walking home from practice the night before being sedated. She soon learn...
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Doctor by MusicForMyLife
Doctorby Meg
Patient and doctor fall in love... accidentally.
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On your knees  by Darkest_Desires152
On your knees by Darkest_Desires152
Warning: this book contains mature content and subjects that may be disturbing. Back away now if this isn't what you want to read. Annabella Briny, after quitting once...
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CJ Fisher Finds Love by tamlaura1
CJ Fisher Finds Loveby Heather Teston
COVER MADE BY LAKSHMINAMBIAR Cj Fisher is the son of Dawn and Calvin Fisher, friend to Parker and Dakota Stevens. He is tall, dark and handsome. A player, a...
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The sexy doctor - 박지민 by ayoGGbangtanboyz
The sexy doctor - 박지민by İ. G.BTS
[COMPLETED] 🔞(Contains mature content 18+) The members of BTS can't seem to controle their hormones when they meet a young and sexy doctor named Areum that has to take...
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From Prude To Provident | ✔︎ by MissAdara
From Prude To Provident | ✔︎by Miss Adara
Nineteen year old Darlene Nyman was quite different from her peers. For one, she still hadn't lost her virgnity. Two, she didn't assume she knew everything there was to...
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the doctor by deluxemendes_
the doctorby Abi:)
"Why do you hate going to visit your brother?" "It's not that I hate going to visit him, it's that I haven't visited him in six years, and now he's a doc...
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Rewinding Our Tale by Ella_Wisteria
Rewinding Our Taleby Ella_Wisteria
"Mommy, can this guy be my daddy?" I heard my 3 year old daughter said. "Daddy, can this pretty lady be my mommy?" I heard another kid said to his da...
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I'm falling for my Ex Fiancé BOOK 2 by heyitsbubble
I'm falling for my Ex Fiancé BOOK 2by Bubble✨
"Lana i want you to be on my wedding day, there's no excuse I don't want to hear it anymore. You graduated from med school a few months ago and i know you're runnin...
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Qalb - Story of the Heart by writer_muslimah
Qalb - Story of the Heartby Jasmin
"Laeeq. Focus." He'd heard that too many times already. But his eyes were watering, his hands were shaking. He couldn't focus right now. The scal...
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Falling For Him | #Wattys2018 by AnkSun344
Falling For Him | #Wattys2018by Ankita
The story is of two individuals Siddharth Khanna and Anusha Singh. Both were gems to their parents, both spoiled, both stubborn, friends adored them and siblings love t...
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Aarohi (Completed) by Meraki18
Aarohi (Completed)by user08911564 a simple 23 year old girl living in a small town near Jaipur, India. She grew up with a loving father and a wicked step mother. a 30 year old suc...
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Kuch na kaha  by sunithabangaram
Kuch na kaha by Sunibangaram
"Dr.Manik Malhotra, home ministry of India reached Mumbai as his grand mother is not well. According to sources she had a paralysis stroke, admitted in a Parth neur...
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Just The Way You Are by loveforbooks333
Just The Way You Areby RIYA SHARMA
" I take lives " I said looking into her eyes . "To save lives like me " she replied playing with the end of her dress. " I am not sure about...
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Princess Medical Doctor by swordfishee
Princess Medical Doctorby swordfishee
This story is not mine!! Written by: 承九 (Cheng Jiu) Category: Romance, Historical Status: 1014 chapters completed Ai Hrist Dream Translation Description: She is the Cro...
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Married To Mr.Stethoscope by Three_idiots_india
Married To Mr.Stethoscopeby ⚓3Medicos⚓
#5 in Romance on 15/5/18. #1 in Romedy hot list. #2 in wattpadindia rankings. "I don't want this!!! " I said. "What?!!" He asked somewhat shocked...
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Hues of Love by Yagyaseni
Hues of Loveby Yagya Chowdary
# 118 angst out of 20.4K stories Her heart craved him but he pined for someone else. Her heart continued to image him ignoring the reality but his heart continued to br...
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Stranger Danger by jamlessmochijimin
Stranger Dangerby love yourself.
"You promised me we'd get married when you turn 21. Happy birthday" He whispers the last part before getting to his feet and exiting the shop. You don't know...
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His Runaway Wife by Jami1012
His Runaway Wifeby Jami1012
I laughed. As I walked closer to his desk. "What a disappointment it's going to be for all of them to learn you are married." He looked up at me. "Rebecca...
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