Fainted (Med)

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When Ashley was 10, she ended up going to the Hospital on the weekend. Jay had been called to a murder scene, so he dropped her off at the hospital to find her brother. The only issue was, she hadn't eaten the night before due to the fact her babysitter the night before had just completely forgotten. And she hadn't ate yet today due to the fact she slept in, then got dragged out of bed to the hospital.

"Oh, morning Ashley, what are you doing here?" Maggie asked as soon as she stepped inside the room.
"Jay had to go to a murder scene. Couldn't get me a babysitter, so I'm stuck with you lot." She shrugged.
"I find it funny how you see plenty of blood and that here, but Jay won't let you see dead bodies." Noah shrugged.
"These bodies are alive. Those ones arent." She shrugged.

Maggie sighed before smiling. "Your brother's in trauma 5. Go ask him what he wants you to do." Maggie told her.
"Right." She nodded before running off to Trauma 5. She walked in as Will was stitching up a wound on a males leg. He was unconcious.

"Hey Will." Ashley smiled.
"Why're you here?" He asked, concentrating on the stitches.
"Jay dropped me off. Had to get to a murder scene." She explained.
"Okay. One second. Pass me the Suture Scissors." He spoke.
"Got it." She nodded, grabbing them before walking over.
"Cut right here." He motioned. She did so, then put the scissors down.

Will finished up before taking off his gloves. He then guided her out, closing the curtains on the way.

"I need you to sit with Maggie today, kid. Can't have you following me around today." Will explained.
"Thats fine." She grinned, walking off to Maggie. Then sitting beside her.

"Ashley, can you run up to Dr Charles office? Give him this file. It needs to be there in... 2 minutes. Can I trust you?" Maggie asked, putting a landyard over her.
"Yep." She nodded before running off. She had 2 minutes to go up 2 floors. And the Elevator was far too slow since you had to wait so long.

She finally got to his office, barely in time but she walked in and he was cleaning up to go.

"Dr Charles, Maggie sent this up for you." She smiled, handing him the file.
"Thank you Ashley. Are you alright, you seem a bit pale?" He asked.
"I'm fine." She smiled before going back downstairs.

She got close to Maggie, however as she did, black stars began covering her vision and before she knew it, she saw fully black and felt her body hit something.

Maggie was waiting for Ashley to get back, in hopes that Dr Charles got the file. However, when she spotted Ashley, she had no colour in her face at all. She began walking over to the girl, but was a bit too late since she fell to the ground.

"Someone get Dr Halstead! Now!" Maggie yelled, grabbing a chair and moving it over. Grabbing the girls feet and putting them up on the chair. She then put the girls jacket under her head.
"What happened?" Will asked, rushing over and kneeling down.
"She passed out. No colour to the face. No other symtoms that I know of." Maggie explained.

Will put his hand to his sisters wrist, checking her rythm there. However, then moved to her neck and checked there too.

"Her heart rate's a bit slow." He sighed.
"Trauma 7 is open." Maggie explained.
"Need some help carrying her?" Connor asked, walking over.
"It's okay. I've needed to carry her plenty of times before." Will smiled, picking her up bridal style before rushing to the trauma room. He then quickly began testing her blood sugar.

Deciding her blood sugar was lower than it should have been, he put her on a drip. He then took a break so she wouldn't be alone when she woke up.

It didn't take long for her to wake up, so when she did, he instantly stood up and went to her side, forcing her hands down when they moved to her arm with the needle in.

"Don't touch." He told her. "You passed out, low blood pressure. What have I told you about eating every meal? Me and Jay plan your meals so you get the right amount of nutrients every day." Will explained.
"I'm sorry. The babysitter forgot... Then Jay forgot this morning." She explained.
"Fine. But your staying in here. Resting. Till the end of my shift. Even if Jay gets here early. Your staying in this bed. If you need the bathroom, you get Maggie or April to take you and stay with you. Alright?" Will asked.
"Yes I understand, Will. Gosh." She sighed.
"Right. I'll have some food brought in. A sandwitch, and a coke. Maybe some sweets." He explained.
"I don't like Coke." She complained.
"I don't care if you like it or not. It's sugar. You need some... Just brush your teath after." He smiled. Kissing her forehead before walking off, closing the curtains for her.

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