Choking Issue

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Age 7:

"Here you are angel." Jay smiled, handing her a plate of noodles and baby carrots.
"Thanks Jay." Ashley grinned, starting to eat.

Will smiled at his siblings before going back to his work that he had to complete.

It was not even five minutes later Will noticed a rather worrying sound that he didn't like at all. It was the sound of sort of gasping. Although when he looked over at his sister he noticed rather quickly it was the fact she was choking.

"Ashley! Are you choking?" When she nodded but didn't respond, he began rushing over to her. He instantly moved her so he could try something that he hoped would work. He stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, making a first with one of his hands, thumb side in. He then placed his first just below the chest and slightly above the navel. He then grabbed his fist with his over hand and then pressed into her abdomen with a quick upward push. He did this, checking to see if the food came out. He then pushed again. Nothing. He pushed again and he heard coughing. He instantly stopped, patting her back.

"What happened?" Jay asked, walking in.
"Choked on her carrot. I'm gonna go take her to the hospital anyways, just in case anything got stuck in her lung." Will explained.
"Right." Jay nodded as Will left with Ashley to the hospital.

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