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Ok so this is kinda themed on what I just did like  5 minutes ago before starting this writing. Which is around 15 minutes before this is uploaded.
I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 months. 153 months.
I don't exactly regret it, I've been kinda wanting to for around 3 weeks now.
Either way, so I of course broke up with him and we're still friends so that's what I'm gonna do with this story.

And no this male in the chapter isn't how my ex treated me. He was really sweet. But since the break up was what guided this story, I'm going to make it slightly more entertaining.

Age : 16

"Hey babe." Ashley smiled, kissing her boyfriend, Daniel on the cheek.
"Hey." Daniel spoke before going back to his phone. He seemed to be chatting in a group chat. That wasn't what annoyed her though. it was the fact he didn't seem to care she was stood there.
"Can we go hang out or something? Standing here is a bit boring." Ashley stated.
"Go hang out on your own then." Daniel waved her off.
"Daniel-" She tried.
"I mean it, Ash. If your not gonna quit yapping then you can go away!" Dan spat.

Ashley crossed her arms, rolling her eyes before turning and leaving. Hearing someone on the way about how they don't even seem like they're in a relationship. The only reason they know is because Ashley never really stops trying.
Another girl pointed out that if they were Ashley, they would have broken up with Daniel ages ago.

It got Ashley thinking however about what she actually wanted. Did she even want to date Daniel anymore? Would her life be better off if she just broke up with him? It was a lot of thoughts.

She got into her brothers car. Jay's car as they headed home. It was currently Jay's day off so it was pretty good. But bad since she couldn't think properly with him there.

"So, what're you thinking about?" Jay asked suddenly.
"I wanna break up with Daniel..." She stated.
"Then go ahead. Break up with him." Jay shrugged.
"Over text?" She asked.
"Yeah." He nodded.

Five minutes later, Ashley smiled, showing her phone.
"Done." She smiled.
"Well done. I'll be back soon." Jay smiled, kissing her forehead before leaving the room.

Around an hour later, Jay returned with a cake. Will followed as well.

 Will followed as well

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"Happy break up, sis." Will grinned, kissing Ashley's forehead.
"Thanks guys." She smiled to her brothers.
"No problem kiddo." Jay smiled.

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