An Axe at Chicago Fire

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I got an idea:
Ashley's 'boyfriend' knows about Jay and Will as well as where they work, but not 51. So the best idea Ashley has was to confront him with an axe from the firetruck with everyone watching.

The idea was perfect in my idea, so of course, it's coming into the way of writing.
So Jake is being added back to the One-Shot story's.
So enjoy it.

(This is a different storyline, meaning what happened at the hospital, didn't happen in this)

As Jake and Ashley were on a walk. (While they were only 17) Jake had once again began telling her what to do. So she looked a bit around and saw the fire station. She began walking to it.

"Where are we going?" He asked, well spat at her
"The fire station. I'm feeling sick." She stated.
"We can go to a bloody doctor. Your brothers a doctor, so why not ask him? God. Your pathetic." He spat.

She walked in and instantly opened a firetruck. Grabbing an Axe out of one of the compartments.

"Are you done yelling and abusing me? Because I am sick and tired of your attitude to me!" She yelled at him.

Casey, Severide and Cruz walked out due to the yelling. However after noticing what was actually going on. Severide motioned for them to do nothing.

Around five minutes later, Jake finally left and Ashley placed the Axe back before turning to the three men. She instantly ran to Severide and allowed him to pull her into a hug.

"You did well, kid." He explained to her.

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