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Who would have guessed that Ashely Halstead would have been sent home for a reason her brothers wouldn't have expected. Fighting.
Ashley had always been taught not to fight, instead she should try and resolve it without the whole fighting. The last thing they taught her to do was violence. Even Voight told her not to use violence unless it was apsolutely needed to save her life.

So when Will was called into school during his break, he instantly got confused. Why wouldn't she listen to Voight? She always listened to Voight.

Will arrived while Ash was sat infront of the office.
"Wait here." Will spoke before walking into the office.
He came out ten minutes later.

"Come on kiddo, might as well get going..." Will sighed softly, guiding her out to the car.
"Am I going back to work with you?" Ashley asked.
"No, we're busy today. Sorry. I'll drop you off at the Station. I want you to give Jay this note. Don't read it." Will said, handing her the note.
"Are you mad at me?" Ashley asked.
"Of course not. You did the right thing." Will told her, stopping infront of the station. "Do your homework." He told her as she left.

Ashley went into the station, seeing Trudy. Trudy was busy so Ashley just headed straight upstairs, scanning her hand on the scanner before putting the pin down. The door buzzed and she went upstairs.

"Woah, what are you doing out of school already?" Adam asked instantly noticing her.
"Half day kiddo?" Antonio asked, hugging her.
Ashley handed the note to Jay who smiled and began reading it.

After a minute Jay looked up. "Well done, but you know how it goes, homework." Jay told her.
"Alright." Ashley went straight to the breakroom, holding her bag still.

"What happened?" Kevin asked.
"Fight at school. A boy grabbed her... Well, backside. She punched him in the face." Jay sighed.
"She did well." Adam smirked.
"Gotta agree with that." Antonio smirked.

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