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When Ashley awoke one morning, feeling warm, she instantly knew that she should speak to her eldest brother. Although the downside was that Jay would expect her to still go to school...She instantly had an idea.
She texted Jay to explain that she was heading off to school, although wanted to spend the day without her phone, so would leave it at home.

She then took the nearest bus to the hospital. Coughing and sweating all the way. She would have called someone, but she didn't want Jay to find out, worry or yell. Afterall she was skipping school without telling him.
She arrived at the Hospital safely and went to the front desk.

"Reason for this visit?" The receptionist asked.
"Fever..." Ashley answered.
"Okay, what's your name and age please?" The receptionist asked her.
"Ashley Halstead.. I'm 10." She answered.
"Halstead as in Will Halstead?" The Receptionist asked.
"Yeah... He's my brother." She nodded.
"Let me grab Maggie. She might be able to fit you in now to see someone." The receptionist smiled before walking away a minute.

Seconds later Maggie walked out.
"Aren't you meant to be in school?" Maggie asked, putting the back of her hand onto her forehead. "Ok, maybe not. That seems to be pretty high. Well done for getting here. Come, come. Let's get you into Trauma 3. How does... Dr Rhodes sound?" She asked.
"Sounds fine..." Ashley nodded.

Dr Rhodes walked over moments later, giving a soft smile. "So Ash. Maggie told me you have a bit of a fever. How do you feel?" He asked.
"Like crap." She mumbled back.
"Let's start you on an IV to get that fever down. We'll do some tests in the meantime." Connor smiled.

It ended up being a normal bug which meant Will took her home a few hours later after she finished her IV.

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