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Ashley, aged 10 had been told by her brother to walk home. They were apparently dealing with a Kidnapping Case.

Ashley was walking her usual way to the district. Unbothered by the fact it wasn't exactly busy.

As Ashley passed an alleyway, someone grabbed her. She tried to scream however the hand over her mouth was the thing stopping her.

"Are you sure that's his sister?" The blonde man asked the other. He had black hair. Ashley knew it was best to remember what they look like.
"Yeah, this is her. Same girl as on the picture with him." The black haired one explained.
"Well if it's her. Hurry up and knock her out so we can go." The blonde rolled his eyes.

A second later, everything went black.

Jay was sat at his desk, half wondering why his sister was late and half wondering where the heck  the kidnappers had run off to.

"Hey! We got a new message!" Adam suddenly yelled.
"What's it say?" Voight asked, walking out.
"They ha-" Adam stopped.
"What?" Jay asked.
"They have Ashley." Adam stated, showing the screen.
"Shit..." Jay mumbled.
"Right, now it's even more important to find them. Everyone I want you searching for that adress, we arent stopping till we find Ashley." Voight spat.

Jay was shaking really bad for over an hour as they searched for the adress of the kidnappers.
"Found it." Antonio spoke, jumping up.
"Where?" Jay asked.
"Right, Antonio, send the adress to everyone. Everyone is going, Now!" Voight yelled.

Jay was the first on the scene but knew it was best to wait for backup. Everyone else wanted Ashley safe as well. Not just him.

Soon the whole team arrived before they burst into the building.

"Halstead, Dawson! you two are downstairs." Voight yelled.
Jay and Antonio didn't even listen to where everyone else were. They just rushed downstairs.
Despite that, it was Adam and Alvin who found Ashley. On the very top floor.

Adam walked into the top floor, into a room. However, didn't expect it when he saw her sat against the wall. Her hands stuck together with rope. Her ankles as well. She wasn't however awake.

Adam rushed over to her, grabbing out a pocket knife as he began cutting the ropes.
Alvin grabbed his phone out. "We've found Ashley. Top floor." He spoke before walking over.

"She doesn't seem hurt. Well not too bad. A bit of trauma to her head. But her brother can take a look." Adam stated, finally taking her into his arms bridal style before they headed downstairs to everyone.

"Did we find the kidnappers?" Adam asked as he passed Ashley to Jay.
"Yeah. Voight and Antonio are taking them into questioning." Jay nodded before walking off to the Ambulance with Ashley.

Once they took a look at her, they concluded the fact she was fine and would just need some rest. Jay then took her home.

Let's just say Will was NOT happy with Jay.
Ashley wasn't aloud to walk home on her own for over 3 months. Every day after and before school. A cop would take her.

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