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The first time Ashley was grounded wasn't actually her fault. It was when she was 13, surprisingly.

She was at school and the teachers decided to do bag searches. They found..Drugs.. In her bag. The teachers moved away to speak about the punishment.

"Sorry, Ash. I couldn't get found with that." One of her 'friends' mumbled.

She ended up in the headmasters office. The headmaster explaining to Jay what had gone on.

"I know where you work, so I'll let you deal with it. We don't think it's hers. So she won't be kicked out. But it will go on record." The headmaster explained.
"I'll have someone step in about the drugs. Ash. move." He spoke. They then left the room.

Jay was holding her arm straight to the car.
"I know it wasn't your drugs, but the fact it was in your bag, your grounded for a day. Just so you never take them. I'll have Voight clear your records." Jay explained.
"Right... Thanks." She mumbled.

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