School Shooting

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Ashley was sat in her class, aged 5. They were having a playtime so Ashley of course was playing with a few of her friends.
Despite that, suddenly there was a phone call. Their teacher rushed over and answered it. She seemed to pale.
"Right class, to the corner of the room please." She spoke as she locked the door and closed the curtains. She then helped the children move to the corner of the room.

Each child seemed to realise something was going on, but since they didn't know what, they couldn't help their chatter.

It was a gunshot, just outside the room that caused the children to start crying. Only 1 or 2 didn't cry, but they seemed less concentrated.
There was rattling of the doorhandle before someone kept thumping on it. Suddenly the glass on the door smashed open before a hand grabbed the door handle from inside and opened the door.
A man with a large gun stepped inside. Looking around the classroom before stepping over  to the children.

Ashley, having learnt that protecting people is better, stepped infront of her friends. Despite her teacher telling Ashley not to.

"Oh look here, aren't you a brave little girl?" The man asked. "What are you? A daughter of a cop or just an idiot?" He asked.
"My big brother's a cop. And he's gonna arrest you!" She spat out.
"Oh really? He wouldn't arrest me if I'm holding his little sister hostage, now would he?" The man asked before grabbing her by the arm, picking her up tightly.

"Please! Don't take her! She's just a little girl!" The teacher spoke quickly.
"So? She was stupid enough to stand up infront of everyone else. Maybe I wouldn't have touched any of these kids if she didn't step up." He spat back before walking out of the room. However,  stopped, having seen police surrounding him.
He put the gun to Ashley's head.

"Put the girl down." A voice spat. He turned and Ashley saw her brothers team. Voight, Alvin, Jay, Kevin, Antonio and even Will. Will had a medic bag on him. He seemed to know someone was most likely hurt.
Her brothers and the cops all seemed pissed. She knew that. She knew all of them. Including Trudy who walked up to the situation as well.

She glanced around. Weirdly enough, there were a lot of cops. Usually only 6 people came to deal with a school shooting. This time, over 15.

"Let go of the child." Voight spat again.
Antonio raised his gun. "Let her go." Antonio finally spat.
"Your gonna need to let go." Ashley muttered.
"Shut up." The man spat, shoving the gun closer to her head.
Suddenly there was a gunshot. Antonio having shot the man in the leg. He instantly dropped Ashley, who ran to Will. Jay rushed over as well.

Will picked up his sister, checking her over for injuries. Voight walked over as they got sorted with the idiot that had grabbed her.
"Everything alright. Are you injured?" Voight asked.
"Nope! I'm alright." Ashley smiled.

"I'll call Charles. See if we can get her booked in to talk to him about it." Will told Jay as he passed her to him.
"Hey hunny..." Jay sighed, hugging her tightly as Will walked off to phone Charles.

Ashley was passed around the team, each saying how brave she was and how they were really happy she wasn't hurt.

It seemed, from Dr Charles talk, that Ashley wasn't even scared for her life.  She knew her family would protect her.
Her mind was perfectly fine and her two brothers were quite glad for that.

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