Parent Teacher Conference

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Age 6
"On Friday it's a Parent Teacher Conference. I want you all to take these letters home and give them to your parents. If your parents don't end up coming on Friday, you will end up getting a phone call home." The teacher explained. "Oh, and if you don't give the letter to your parents, a reminder that it will be a punishment in school." They explained. "Head on home." The teacher explained, giving them each an information sheet as they left the room.

Ashley just put the information sheet in her bag before putting on her coat. She then walked outside, instantly seeing Sean and Kim.
"Hey there Angel." Kim smiled.
"Hey Kim, Jay busy?" She asked.
"They're on a case. They sent us to grab you." Sean spoke, opening the door for her.

They were once again in a normal police car. She was use to getting into them.
Sean helped Ashley up onto the seat. "Well, do you think you can do your seatbelt yourself or do you want me to do it?" He asked.

The only downside to the car not having childseats in it was that one person had to sit in the back with her, which was Sean's job while him and Kim picked her up. Mainly because if it was needed, he had a larger frame and could easily protect her.

Ashley tried to do her seatbelt, but in the end couldn't. Jay had been teaching her but it was still a struggle.
"Here we are." Sean smiled, taking it from her and clicking her seatbelt in. "Not too tight?" He asked.
"It's fine." Ashley smiled.

Sean nodded, closing the door before going to the other side of the back seats. He opened the door and jumped in. Doing his own seatbelt.

"You two done back there?" Kim asked.
"Yep!" Ashley nodded.

The drive was quite quick. Sean and Ashley chatted the whole way about school and everything. But in no time, they arrived at the 21st.

"Right, I'll walk her in. I'll be back in a moment." Sean told his partner, getting out of the car before helping Ashley out.
"Right." Kim smiled.

Sean walked Ashley inside, walking up to the steps. Sean couldn't scan himself up because he wasn't a high enough position But he lifted Ashley up. She did the code then put her hand on the scanner.
The beep showing they could go up. Sean placed her down and opened the door for her.
"See you later kiddo." He smiled
"Bye Sean!" She smiled, continuing up the stairs as Sean closed the gate door. Once she was out of sight, he went back to the car.

Ashley went up the stairs and went straight to her brothers desk where he was working on a case. She knew better to not look at the sheet of paper, she didn't fancy seeing a dead body today. 

"How was school?" Jay asked, taking the coat from her and throwing it in his desk.
"Good. Oh! And we got a letter." She smiled, taking it from her bag before handing it to him.
"Oh, a Parent Teacher Conference." Jay smiled. "Voight! I'm gonna need Friday, 4pm off of work! Family stuff!" Jay yelled.
"That's fine!" Hank yelled from his office.

Friday came quickly and she finished school. Today Alvin picked her up and brought her to the station.

For 40 minutes they sat around. Till they started getting ready to leave back for school.
"Going without me?" Will's voice rang out.
"Will!" Ashley grinned, running over and hugging him.

Will smiled, picking her up and holding her on his waist. She may be 6 but he didn't mind holding her like she was still a toddler. "Ready to talk to your teachers hun?" He asked.
"Mhm!" She nodded as Jay caught up. They headed to school.

Once there, they were shown to a hall where they had to sit. They noticed quickly that children weren't there. They didn't mind.

Will sat, holding his sister on his lap due to the lack of seats. Also not wanting her to go off running.

"Ashley Halstead!" A woman yelled. Of course they all got up and headed off towards the woman that showed them to an office.

They walked into the office and sat down. This time it was Jay's turn holding his sister on his lap.

"You two must be Doctor Halstead and Detective Halstead, right? Her brothers?" The male teacher asked.
"That's us." Will smiled.
"Well, I've loved having Ashley as my student this year. Her knowlage... Well it's a lot more advanced than most of the children in my class. If she wanted, she could go up a few grades. But due to her age, we wont be doing that just yet." The teacher explained.
Jay smiled, hugging his sister a bit more.
"Now, behaviour. Once again the best in the class. I actually asked her a bit ago why she behaves. She just said that her brother guided it." He explained, glancing at Jay. "Seeing as your the one with the badge and gun, I'm guessing that's you." He smiled. "And finally. Her knowlage, I assume she got it from you." He said, looking at Will. "Seeing as your in scrubs." He added.

"Well, we both work together to make sure shes good at school and not too far behind. It's been hard, I'll say that. We both have long jobs. We never know when we'll be called into work. We never thought we'd be able to raise her right... But I guess it all worked out fine. She has plenty of family to help her if she ever needed it." Will spoke, glancing at his sister as she cuddled up to Jay. As if falling asleep.

"You did amazing with her. I've seen children with amazing parents, and yet, they're still not as bright and wonderful as Ashley is. You should be proud." The teacher smiled.
"We should be going." Jay finally said as his sister fell asleep in his arms.
"Of course." He smiled.

They left.
"I have to get back to work." Will stated.
"I'll go home with her. Voight isn't expecting me back." Jay shrugged, still holding Ashley in his arms.

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