Cooking Issues

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When Ashley turned 15, she began cooking more and more due to doing Food Tech in school. She loved cooking.

She decided one day that she would cook a dinner for her brothers who had been out at work since early hours of that morning.

Sadly, it was an Avacado that caused her some issues.
The Avacado was used in a mixture that she made as a dip for the fresh vegtables. However, as she cut the Avacado, she caught her hand with the knife, causing her to start bleeding.

She dropped the knife, but guessing the wound wasn't that deep, she just put her hand under the tap, allowing the water to just get rid of the blood and chance of infection. However, as the blood continued to come out for over 2 minutes, she got worried, taking her hand from under the tap. It took a second for blood to start dripping again so she grabbed a kitchen towel and held it to her hand.

"Shoot... Right.. Okay. Got to call someone." She stated, looking on the fridge at the numbers she could call for help.

Dr Connor Rhodes she usually called for Medical Emergency's, but since her brother Will had been called in for a busy day at the ER, she knew Connor would be busy too.

Maggie, she was also in the ER, so also an option she couldn't have.

Dr Charles... He would be dealing with patients too.

Sharon Goodwin... She was controlling the hospital and she couldn't leave just because a kid was hurt.

Voight, he was dealing with a murder along with everyone on the team.

And then the firestation would be busy too, so she couldn't just phone them. So she did what she should have probably started with, by phoning an ambulance.

She explained to the woman on the other side of the line what had happened and how her hand hadn't stopped bleeding. She was then told to wait till an ambulance arrived.

The Paramedic's decided she needed to go into the hospital to get it sorted, so she requested Chicago Med.

They arrived to the hospital not too long later, Ashley just laid her head back, slightly dizzy.

"Dr Rhodes trauama 3!" Maggie yelled.
"What've we got?" Dr Rhodes asked, rushing over.
"Female, 15, cut her hand open while cooking. Bleeding wont stop." The paramedic explained.
"Maggie, page Halstead, it's Ashley!" Rhodes yelled after seeing her.
"On it!" Maggie yelled back.

Connor instantly got to work, checking the wound, at this time, Will rushed inside the room.

"What happened?" He asked.
"Cut herself while cooking. Called the ambulance when the bleeding wouldn't stop." Connor explained for her.
"Good, atleast me or Jay wouldn't have found her dead, bleeding out on our kitchen floor." Will smiled slightly to his sister as she giggled.
"I'm fine... Just a small...Cut." She smiled to her eldest brother.
"I'm going to call Jay, she doesn't need surgery right?" Will asked Connor.
"She'll need stitches, and I might want to watch her for a night, but she won't need surgery." He smiled.

Will nodded and left the room as Connor got to work stitching her up.

After Will returned and Connor was done. Connor left them to rest. Will sat looking at his patients medical reports while Ashley just 'rested her eyes'

Suddenly however, Jay rushed inside, worry written all over his face.

"What the hell happened?" Jay asked, rushing to her side.
"She was cooking. Managed to cut herself. Pretty deep." Will explained.
"How'd you manage that huh?" Jay asked looking down at her bandaged hand which currently had a sort of icepack on it.
"I was cooking. Like Will said." She rolled her eyes.
"Attitude young lady, just because you're injured doesn't mean you can give us attitude." Jay stated.
"Fine." She shrugged.
"I think she should stay off for the week, give her time to heal because if she rips them stitches, she'll be back here." Will explained.
"How long does she have to stay here anyways?" Jay asked.
"For the night while Connor watches to make sure she's alright." Will explained.
"What's there to watch?" Jay asked.
"Make sure she's not dying from the amount of blood she lost." Will shrugged.
"I thought that's what the drips do." Jay motioned to the needles in her arm.

"They're only getting it better. She still needs to be watched. Mainly in case of blood clotting." Will explained.
"Right then. I'll go grab some food for dinner. Better than hospital food." Jay shrugged, getting up before leaving.

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