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"Right... Ashley, come on hun it's time for bed. Will, will be back in around half an hour, which means you need to get into bed." Jay spoke while turning off the TV where they had been watching Cinderella.
"We didn't finish the movie." Ashley pointed out.
"I know hun but we're already 20 minutes late for bedtime. We can't spend the next 30 minutes watching it, when Will gets home soon. You know how grumpy he gets when you dont get your 9 hours of sleep a night." Jay explained, gently picking her up.
"What about the movie...?" Ashley asked.
"We can finish it tommorow during breakfast." Jay smiled and kissed her forehead, taking her upstairs into her bedroom.
"What if you leave early...?" She asked.
"I will tell Will to let you watch it in the morning. And if you end up with a babysitter, I'll tell them to let you watch the rest. OK?" He asked.
"Ok." She nodded, letting her brother help her into her PJ's.
"Does Will get to give me a bedtime kiss?" She asked.

"Uhm..." Jay mumbled before pulling out his phone, checking the time. "I think he should be home while you're in bed. You probably might fall asleep but you might see Will." Jay explained.
"I'm not going to bed till Will is home." Ashley stated.
"I'll make a deal with you. You get in bed, we leave on the light. When Will gets here, he can tuck you in and give you a bedtime kiss." Jay suggested.
"Okay." She nodded.

When Will finally arrived and walked into the bedroom to say goodnight to Ashley, she was already asleep in the bed, curled up with all of her teddies.
Will walked back out after turning off the light.

"She was already asleep?" Jay asked smirking.
"Yep. I'm gonna eat some food. You can head to bed." Will stated.
"Night." Jay nodded and walked away.

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