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Ok so as a kid, I feel like all that happened if you fell of a bike when you where a kid was that you'd get a plaster and sent back to play.

But it makes me wonder what would happen if Ashley fell and the Halstead brothers were to witness it and help.

One being a doctor and another, a cop.

Jay was sat on a bench, watching his sister riding her bike in their back garden.
Since his little sister was only 5, it was important for one of the two brothers to be watching her on her bike just in case.

Since Will was inside cooking, Jay was stuck watching her.
However, since he knew she was good at riding, he was barely keeping an eye on her,  the only reason he kept an eye on her was because the garden attatched to other gardens and he didn't want her being kidnapped. His gun and badge always on him. 

However, when he heard her cry and a figure falling in her sight, he instantly shot up and over to her, seeing as she was now on the floor, crying her eyes out.

"It's alright. I got you." Jay sighed, picking up Ashley before moving the car into a safer space. He then rushed into the living room.

"Will! Ashley fell!" Jay yelled, putting Ashley on a sofa as Will walked in with his medical kit.

"What hurts?" Will asked.
She pointed to her knee which Will noticed had been scraped.

"Sorry, Hun. This is going to hurt a bit." He spoke, grabbing a wipe and wiping the scratched down.

After cleaning her scratches, Will put a large plaster on it before smiling at her.

"There we go! All better kiddo." He smiled.
"She's not going to loose her leg?" Jay joked.
"No. Idiot. Now, how about we have our lunch?" Will asked, picking Ashley up and taking her to the kitchen.

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