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Yet another suggestion:

Can Ashley be 5 or 8 and she ends up getting hurt on the monkey bars and Will is at work and Jays away somewhere with his team and when Ashley is brought to med Maggie calls Connor over to trama 3 and then he says page Will when they do page him he runs over to where Ashley is because he was worried about her then Connor takes an x-ray and finds out she sprained her arm that she has to wear a cast for 2 weeks then after will shift is over Will take Ashley home. and cuddles with her for the rest of the day until they go to bed but Ashley stays with will just incase shes in pain from what happened.

Kids don't wear casts if they sprain their wrist. They usualy get a splint. I know this because I've had to wear one before. It's a sort of support and it has a metal band through it. I honestly hated wearing it but it's sadly what you have to wear. So instead of a cast, we'll do that.

Age 6:

Ashley was currently playing in the park. She was with her friends mum. She didn't really care about Ashley, but she looked after her anyways.
Either way, when she was on the Monkey Bars, she suddenly fell, falling right on her arm. She instantly began crying.

The woman helped her up, telling her to stop being a baby before taking her to Chicago Med. She atleast walked her in.
"What's wrong Ashley?" Maggie asked.
"She fell. I have to go." The woman stated before turning and leaving.

"Connor! Trauma 3 please!" Maggie yelled.
"What's up?" He asked walking over.
"She fell." Maggie explained.
"Come on then kiddo." Connor said, picking her up before taking her to Trauma 3 and placing her on the bed. "So, what hurts?" He asked quickly.
"My.. my arm." She stuttered through tears.
"Maggie, can you page Will?" Connor asked.
"Sure." Maggie said before paging him.

Two seconds later Will came rushing over, just in time for Connor to take a x-ray of her arm, using an x-ray board. He looked at the x-ray as Will checked her over.

"What's the diagnosis?" Will asked.
"Sprained wrist." Connor stated, taking a splint from the nurse. "Hand out." He told Ashley. She did so. He slipped it onto her hand before tightening the straps. "Keep this on for 2 weeks and you'll be good as new." He smiled. "You can leave. Will, I'll tell Goodwin you've taken her home." Connor smiled.
"Thanks. Come on Angel." Will said, taking her straight home.

They stayed up till bedtime, watching Disney.

They watched 2 movies in all. The little Mermaid 1 and 2.
"Right, it's bed time hun." Will said, picking her up.
"Can I sleep with you..?" She asked.
"How come? Do you not want to be a big girl and sleep alone?" Will asked.
"No... What if my arm starts hurting again?" She asked.
"It'll hurt again, but not till you wake up. You've just taken medicine." Will told her.
"Please..." She begged.
"Right. Come on then." Will sighed.

Will went to his bedroom after changing her and himself. He then got into bed with her. Carefully picking the right side so her arm wouldn't even touch him. Just in case.

They fell asleep together.
That's how Jay found them when he got home from his late night of work. He took a picture before going to his own room and going to sleep.

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