Mother's day

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Age (6)

Mothers day was a great day for most students in Primary School. Mainly because they got the whole day making things for their mother. However, for one 6 year old, Ashley Halstead. She had no mother and no father. Just two brothers. So that day.. Mothers day. It was torture for her. 
The only issue from that was she had been fighting her brothers all morning in hopes of not having to go to school. However, since Will couldn't have her at work with him, and Jay was going to a murder scene, so she just couldnt. So they sent her in.

"Right class, today, as promised. We're going to make mothers day cards." The teacher explained.
Ashley just looked down, even when different supplies were put on each table for the children to make their cards. Just then, she got an idea.

"Miss? Can I make more than one?" She asked.
"Sure you can." The teacher smiled.

Ashley started by making 2 cards. The first one had a hospital logo on it, while the other had a badge of sorts.

She started the hospital one first. Putting a few names down. Natalie (Dr Manning), Sarah (Dr Reese), April, Maggie and Sharon.

She then did the police card, adressing, Erin and Kim.

She then did an extra one for Trudy.

She would do a card for each of them, however,  she only had an hour and it wasn't enough time to do eight cards.

"How come this has multiple names, Ashley?" He teacher asked.
"I don't have a mommy, so I did people who act like my mommy." She explained.
"Good idea." The teacher smiled.

After school, Adam was the one to pick her up. However as he began to drive. She stopped him.

"Can we go to the hospital?" She asked.
"Why? You hurt?" Adam asked instantly.
"No. But i have to give something to them." She explained.
"Alright." He nodded.

He stopped at the hospital before walking in with her. Letting her put the card next to Maggie without her noticing. Then leaving with her to the station.

He walked in with her, alowing her to put a card on the desk for Trudy before they walked upstairs. She placed the last card on Erin's desk so she and Kim could find it. She then went to Hanks office to spend time with him.

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