Allergic Reaction

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Who would have thought a donut would cause Ashley Halstead to have an Allergic reaction? And which donut even caused it?
Age 5:

"Got the donuts!" Adam yelled as soon as he walked upstairs into the large room. Tons of desks all over the place.
"Yay!" Ashley grinned running over.
"Here you go kiddo, the workers said all kids love these ones." He smiled, handing her a fancy looking donut.
"Thank you Adam!" She grinned before going over to Jay's desk, sitting down on the spair chair.

Jay went back to work after looking at his sister, not really seeing the donut she had.
Ashley bit into her donut . Chocolate instantly falling into her mouth.

The weird part was, Will never really let her eat chocolate. So tasting the chocolate for the first time was amazing for Ashley.

However not even 2 minutes after she finished her donut, Jay heard wheezing. He glanced at her.
"You good kiddo?" He asked, picking her up. She just kept wheezing.

"Right, what donut did she have?" Jay asked, patting her back in hopes it would work.
"I think the shop keeper said it was hazlenut chocolate." Adam stated.
"Okay. Someone call Will for me. Tell him I'm bringing Ashley to hospital." Jay stated before running out.

He arrived at the hospital just 10 minutes later, instantly rushing in. Will was waiting. He grabbed her from his arms and placed her in a hospital bed. Connor rushed in as well, getting ready to sort her out.

"Do you know why?" Connor asked, handing her an oxygen mask which Ashley gladly took.
"She's allergic to what was in her donut." Jay quickly explained.
"That's an easy fix thankfully. She'll be fine pretty soon." Connor smiled.

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