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Ashley had just gotten to the station. She wanted to go up to speak to her brother Jay, but knew he wouldn't be there for a while.

"Hey Trudy." Ashley spoke.
"Oh sorry, your brother won't be up for a while, you can stay here and speak if you want." Trudy explained.
"Alright. Are you sure? it's a bit busy." Ashley spoke, slightly worried she was being a distraction.
"it's fine." Trudy stated.

"Can you hurry up? Some of us have actual issues!" A man spat.
"Shut up, If you cant see, I'm speaking." Trudy told him.
"She's a child. She doesn't need anything." The man rolled his eyes.
"You won't receive anything but a cell if you don't stop being like this." Trudy spat.
"She's just a child! She can't be that important compared to the rest of us! We have actual issues!" The man yelled back.
"She is the sister of one of our detectives. Family of this whole station. If I see her need's to be the most important, then they shall be. So stop being stupid." Trudy spoke.
"Oh, well really? Deal with me or the little brat gets it." The man spoke, grabbing her before pulling a gun to her head.
Trudy instantly got a gun out, pointing it right at the man's face.

"Let go of her now, before I make you." Trudy spoke as the others in the room backed away, cops instantly making them go into nearby rooms while guarding them with their guns up facing the man holding Ashley.

Ashley didn't seem too bothered by the situation. Infact, it looked as if she was use to being held at gunpoint. Trudy however knew this was just a way to make the man feel like she wasn't too fussed by it. That she wasn't scared.

"No. You should deal with peoples situations before a brat and her random chatting." the man rolled his eyes.
"She said let go of my fucking sister." Jay's voice spat behind him.
"Or what?" The man spat.
"Or Im going to shoot you through that thick head of yours."Jay spat.

In matters of seconds, Trudy hit the man in the face, causing him to let go. Jay quickly restrained the man, letting Antonio take over a second later.

Jay rushed to his sister, clearly worried about her.

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