What Are you Going to be?

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During school, (Age 16) the class was talking about their parents job's and what they wanted to do.

"Right, Ashley. You live with your two brothers. What do they do?" The teacher asked.

"Well my eldest brother is an Attending Physician in Emergency Medicine. Then my other brother is a Chicago police detective. A member of the Intelligence unit. And I've already been partly accepted for a job in the Chicago police station." She explained.

"What do you mean?" The teacher asked.
"I'm going to police school in a couple of weeks. Then I'm going straight to Chicago Police to become a detective." She explained.
"Dont you have to be a normal officer first?" Someone asked.
"Usually. But I've already worked with them." She explained.
"Well that's good for you." The teacher grinned before going back to the others.

It was Hank that had said she would be joining, giving her a position even before Police education. 

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