First Ever time Meeting Voight

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When Ashley was first given to Jay and Will for custody, she was three. She's always been smart, so she understood everything. This led to a state of unhappiness, seeing as her dad was now dead.

it was Hank Voight that got her up to her happy self. When Jay had no other option but to bring the 3 year old girl to work with him. He had made Hank aware beforehand.

Jay carried Ashley on his waist, up the stairs of the station. When he got to his desk. He placed her down so he could sort stuff out.

Ashley however didn't like sitting around so she went around to explore. She found an office and instantly went inside. Not seeing the man at the desk however.

"Hello there." A rather rough voice spoke. She looked at the person and saw a man. He seemed nice.
"Hi." She simply spoke.
"Did your brother let you in here?" He asked, crouching infront of her.
"Nope. he's doing something." She answered.
"Well, I'm Hank Voight. What's your name?" He asked, putting his hand forwards to shake.
"I'm Ashley Halstead!" She grinned.
"What a lovely name." He smiled, finally shaking her hand.
"Are you Jay Jay's boss?" She asked.
"I am his boss." Hank nodded. "Mind tell me why you seem upset?" He asked.
"Daddy died..." She mumbled before looking down.
"Is that why? Your a brave and smart girl, Ashley. But now you have two amazing brothers with you. Who will look after you. Then you have the police force... And the hospital. Isn't that much better?" He asked.

She looked down a minute before smiling and nodding.
"Yeah." She laughed slightly.
"Here we go." He spoke, picking her up and putting her on his waist. He then walked out of the office.

"Oh god! Sorry Voight. I shouldn't have let her out of my sight." Jay spoke, rushing over.
"It's alright. She's a good kid." He smiled, keeping hold of her even when he offered to take her.

"He's nice, Jay." Ashley grinned.
"Glad you think so." Jay smiled to her. "Thanks for.. Cheering her up, Voight. She looks a lot better now." Jay smiled to him.
"She's a bright kid." Voight spoke. Heading into the break room with her still on his hip.

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