The Baby

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This request came with 3 requests, but since I can't do all of them at once, I've picked one of my favourites out of the options. I might use another one of the suggestions, but I don't know yet. Anyways, let's get onto the suggestion and then the story, since I believe many will enjoy this one.
This part of the suggestion is just the storyline, and not the beginging of how she wants everything. It's a large bit of information together, so I picked the part that is needed.

"Ash, (22) gives birth to a baby girl in Summer, has a Christmasy name like 'Christina Noelle Josephine Halstead.' Because her husband loved christmas but died in a car accident. She finds out during Labour, saying that she cannot do it alone. Jay, her brother, jumps behind her and supports her whilst Will sits beside them, helping the best he can."

Of course, Will would be there anyways due to the hospital being a place he works at.
Jay would have been there because Jay is a really caring brother in these stories. So yeah, this is probably going to be an easy thing to write. So I hope you enjoy.

Will was currently out of the room while Jay was calming down his little sister who was already technically in labour.
Will however walked in, he didn't seem too happy.

"What's going on Will?" Ashley asked quickly.
"Your husband, he wont be able to get here for the birth, sorry." Will sighed.
"Why cant he?" Ashley asked.
"He's just been brought in. He was in a car accident while heading here." Will explained.
"Is he alright? He's safe right, just cant get out of the bed?" Ashley questioned.
"I don't know much yet, Ash. All I know is he had blood all over him. I've asked Maggie to keep me updated." Will told his little sister.
"Who's with him? He needs someone with him. He can't be alone." Ashley spoke, her voice rushed.
"Voights agree'd to watch from a distance, he can't get too close, they're busy working on him." Will explained.

Around five minutes later, a doctor walked in. "Right, are we ready to get pushing?" He asked.
"No... Not yet. I have to make sure my husband is alright." She stated.
"Name?" The doctor asked.

He returned a few minutes later, his face showing sorrow.
"I'm sorry." He explained.
"Oh God..." Ashley spoke, her hand going to her face as she instantly began to cry.
"Ashley, it's alright. We can handle that after your baby is born." Jay spoke. "Come on, Kid, you need to make sure this baby is born safe, that is the least he would have wanted." He explained.

Jay supported his sister through the whole birth, in the same position her husband would have been in. Holding her hand, speaking to her and making sure she was alright.
Will stayed a bit away, watching the birth in case of an emergency. He was a doctor, he had seen births. If anything went wrong, he would step in.

Nothing did go wrong of course, and in less than an hour of pushing and screaming. Including Jay who had to have his hand checked afterwards. Ashley's baby girl was born.

"What would you like to name your little girl?" The doctor asked.
"First name... Christina. Middle names, Noelle Josephine.... And last name, Halstead." She spoke.
"Beautiful." The doctor said before leaving the room.
"She's born in the summer, why did you pick a Christmas themed name?" Jay asked.
"It was his favourite. He loved Christmas." She smiled, looking down at her baby girl. The newest Halstead.

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