First Steps (MED)

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Ashley's first steps in this happened at the hospital instead of at the police station.

MAggie was on babysitting duty of Will Halstead's baby sister, Ashely Halstead.
Thankfully, the girl hadn't learnt to walk yet, so Maggie just left the girl with the student nurses. They had to learn to look after kids anyways.

Surprisingly, Maggie was told around 1 hour later, that Ashley was missing and they couldn't find her.
Maggie sent the nurses off to find the child before grabbing a mic from her desk.

"Code Pink! Ashley is missing." Maggy spoke.

Not even a second later, Will ran to her.
"My sister is missing? How?" He asked.
"The student nurses were watching her." Maggie explained but Will seemed to realise something, instantly rushing off to the break room.

Inside, Ashley was waddling towards the snacks.
"You can't even reach, Ash." Will sighed, walking over and picking her up. "Look at you. Walking. Didn't hurt yourself did you?" He asked, checking her over.

After checking her over, he walked over to Maggie.
"Found her. She's fine. I think she's ready for her nap now though." He smiled, passing his little sister off to Maggie who instantly smiled, holding her.
"Bye, Ashley. Have a good nap." Will smiled.
"Night Night." Ashley smiled, cuddling her face against Maggie's arm. Will then walked off.

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