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When Ashely had been brought into the hospital after being stabbed... Will didn't expect that he would be the one to look after her. Usually they stopped family looking after family.
And when her heart stopped and he had to shock her back to life... His brain was barely even listening to what was happening.

As soon as Ashley was back breathing, the nurses stepped in to get things done.
Dr Choi instantly went to Will's side.
"She'll be fine, Will. She's strong." Dr Choi explained, putting his hand on Will's shoulder.
Will was just staring at the ground even if he was still outside Ashley's room.
"Will? Are you alright?" Connor asked, walking out of the room and over to him, standing right infront of the doctor. "Will." Connor said again. However quickly grabbed Will under the shoulders as he collapsed.

"I NEED A GURNEY OVER HERE! NOW!" Connor yelled.
"What happened?" April asked as she walked over.
"He just had to shock his sister back to life. Probably just passed out from the shock. It's fine. It's normal. We should have got him out of the room before her heart even stopped." Choi explained.

Connor helped getting Will settled into a hospital bed right next door from where Ashely was being sorted out. Suddenly Jay walked in.

"Jeez, why is my sister and my brother in a hospital bed?" Jay asked.
"Will passed out. Your sister got stabbed." Connor explained.
"I guess i have middle sibling luck." Jay shrugged.
"Don't jinx it. Your in here the most." Connor slapped his back.
"Well, I'm gonna wait with Ash. I'm sure Nat wants to sit with Will anyways." Jay smiled before going to make sure his baby sister was okay. He still had to find the person who stabbed her, but Voight could deal with it for now.

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