First Lost Tooth

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Suggested Story by Reader - First Lost Tooth - Ashley is aged 5

"Right, remember what I said Ashley, don't be playing with your tooth all day. It will come out all on it's own. Playing with it will just increase risk of it hurting more." Jay explained as he walked up to her class with her.
"But it's all wobbly." Ashley pointed out.
"Just because it's wobbly, doesn't mean it needs to be wobbled more." Jay laughed.
"Okay! Love you." Ashley grinned before going into class to join her friends in playing with the many toys.

"Right everyone! Snack time! You have the choice of cut apple, or some orange slices." The classroom teacher spoke to the whole class.
Ashley, who loved the idea of using the joke to her brother about how an 'Apple a-day, keeps the doctor away' instantly went and grabbed some of the chopped apple. She began eating without much care.

Suddenly while eating, she felt something solid. So she took it out of her mouth and saw it was a tooth. With a little blood on the top of it.
"My tooth!" She grinned.
"Well done Ashley. Let me put this in an envelope for when you go home. Are you excited to see what the Tooth fairy will bring you?" The teacher asked, taking her tooth from her hand and putting it into a normal envelope to take home.

Will soon picked her up and took her home. They had got home and started to get ready for dinner when Jay spoke up.
"How's your tooth? Still wobbly?" He asked her.
"Oh! Nope. It's in my bag in an envelope. It fell out." She giggled.
"That's amazing hun! That means you can put it under your pillow and the tooth fairy will come tonight and give you some money." Will explained.
"I wanna stay up tonight and wait for the tooth fairy!" She giggled.
"She wont come if you do that. She's like Santa. She only comes when little girl's and boys are asleep." Jay stated.
"But I wanna see her!" Ashley complained.

Jay and Will got her set up in bed with the envelope under her pillow. The boys said goodnight to Ashley before going downstairs to watch the Hockey game on the Tv.

Jay went back upstairs around an hour later to check on her, chuckling gently as he found her passed out asleep.

The next morning Jay and Will were downstairs having a coffee together. It was however interupted as Ashley ran downstairs holding a note of money.
"Oh, is that how much the tooth fairy left you?" Jay asked.
"Yeah!" She grinned.
"How much?" Will questioned.
"It says 20!" Ashley explained, pointing to the note.
"Wow! The tooth fairy only gives that much for the healthiest of teeth. How do you want to spend it?" Will smiled.
"Can we go and watch a movie at the cinema?" Ashley asked.
"of course!" Jay grinned.

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