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6 year old Ashley. Currently had to deal with Jay being in hospital after being kidnapped. She had heard Antonio talking about what happened to him at the hospital. So she was well aware it might happen again.

So when the first day of work came for Jay. Ash was making it really hard for him to leave.

"Right, I'm going off to work." Jay spoke, opening his arms for a hug by his sister. She rushed into his arms. "Right, I'll see you after school." He said, moving to walk away. She didn't let go.

"Ash, we can't have a 10 year hug today, I'm gonna be late to work." He sighed.
"No! Your gonna get hurt again." She complained, keeping hold of him.

Jay sighed before looking at Will. "Call Voight, tell him I cant come in today." He explained.
Will nodded and left the room to make two phone calls. One of which went to Dr Charles, who said he'd be there very soon. He explained to Voight that Jay would just be late.

Jay and Will both tried to get the young girl to stop clinging to Jay. However they didn't get her to move away even the slightest bit.

Soon there was a knock on the door before Dr Charles walked inside.
"Thanks for coming." Will spoke to his friend, shaking his hand.

Ashley looked over but ignored it. Continuing to cuddle up to her brothers chest.

Dr Charles spoke to Ashley however it soon came into realisation, that she was not going to just let go.

Will once again tried to pick up his sister, but since it didn't work the three adults sat looking at her. Wondering what they could do next.

"Call Voight." Jay sighed.
"You sure? What can he do?" Will asked, starting to ring him.
"He's like her grandpa. She can't deny what he tells her or his hugs." Jay shrugged.

A bit later Voight walked in with Antonio. Clearly, they were off to a case.

Voight sighed, walking over and taking a hold of the girl, saying it was him before picking her up without much of a fuss. Jay then went to suit up as Voight explained that Jay was strong and wouldn't get hurt.

Voight then told Will to let her have the day off of school before placing her down into Will's arms. Voight then left with Jay, Antonio and Dr Charles as well.

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