Soft Voight

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Ashley was sat in the sitting room with her two brothers as they spoke about who would be forced to take the girl to their work for today.
Schools had been closed because of a snow day. It wasn't too bad, but for the 4 year olds, they were told just to stay home and stay warm.

Of course, however, Will couldn't bring the girl to the hospital since they all knew the place was the worst when it was cold since the doors were always opening.

On the other side, Jay didn't want to bring his little sister to work because he was one of the overprotective brothers. If his little sister even shivered the slightest, he'd be holding her in seconds. And it would distract his work by the end of the night.

"Jay, I cant bring her with me. She'll be one of the patients by the end of the night. Children can't stay as warm as adults. And that hospital will be blankets, blankets and more blankets just to keep patients warm." Will explained.

"Fine I'll take her to work with me." Jay sighed.
"Thank you." Will sighed.

After a bit, Jay walked over to his sister holding up Ashley's coat, boots, scarf and hat.
"Hey hun, time to get to the station." He smiled. Getting her ready to go out before picking her up and heading outside.

Once at his car, he got Ashley into her child seat, fastening her in with a blanket over her that he thankfully had in the car. He then drove to the station.

Once at the station, Jay got out of the car, making sure to have his gun and his badge on his belt before getting his baby sister out of the car.

"Want me to carry you or do you want to walk in the snow?" Jay asked.
"Walk!" She grinned.

Jay put her on the floor carefully before taking a hold of her hand.

They walked together at Ashley's pace, that was until they got inside where Trudy was. Jay knew at this point, she'd probably be asked to be carried.

Trudy walked around her desk and smiled at the girl.
"Hey there Mini Chuckles." She smiled.
"Hi." She grinned at Trudy.
"Best get upstairs then, you two." Trudy told them.

"Want to be a big girl and go up the stairs on your own?" Jay asked.
Ashley looked at him like he was an idiot before raising her arms.
Jay sighed, picking the girl up onto his waist, careful not to make her lean on his gun. He moved it to the other side for now.

"She's got you wrapped around her little finger." Sean pointed out as he and Kim walked over.
"I can't deny it." Jay shrugged before heading upstairs, having Trudy let him up.

He walked into the office room and placed her down. He then instantly went to his desk, placing the stuff down.
"Come here Ash, let me take your coat and everything off." Jay spoke before turning around. Too late it would seem since the toddler was already right outside Voights office.

Jay was about to go after her but Alvin stopped him.
"Don't bother. Hank will take her coat off." Alvin stated, popping out of nowhere.

As said, Jay left the girl to go say hi to Voight.

Ashley walked into Voights office. Hank instantly noticed her and smiled, he moved away from his work and then slid his chair over, picking her up onto his lap.

"Aren't you puffy." He joked, poking her puffy coat. "Let's make you less Puffy, hm?" He asked, unzipping his coat before taking it off. He then removed her scarf, gloves and hat before placing them on his desk.

He stood up with her on his waist, letting her wrap her small arms around his neck.
He then walked out of his office, bouncing her gently in his arms.

"Want me to take her?" Jay asked.
"It's good. Your doing paperwork today anyways." Voight shrugged.
"Alright." Jay nodded, going back to his desk to get thing's done. He could trust Voight. Everyone in the group could.

Voight placed the little girl down as he grabbed a bottle of water for her.
"Can I get juice?" She asked.
"Your brother doesn't let you have juice, kiddo." Voight told her.
"But your nicer." She pouted.
"Juice it is." Voight sighed, grabbing out a bottle of apple juice before pouring it into a sort of sippy cup.

She could just cups, but while at the station, they just didn't want her to spill it and cry. So she had a sippy cup while there.
He then handed her the juice.

"Mm! Yummy!" She smiled.
"How about we go to my office and draw?" He asked her.
"Ok!" She grinned and followed him to his office.

Voight drew with her for the next few hours.

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