Pranking Adam

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As suspected, Ashley was Jay's sister. You could tell. Mainly because Jay and Will had taught her a pouty face which got her everything she'd ever want.
He and Will had found the hard way that she used the face on everyone.

One day however, Jay and Antonio walked into the break room to the girl trying to reach a cup.

"What're you doing kiddo?" Jay asked his baby sister.
"Here." Antonio smiled, handing her the cup.

"Can you help me make a coffee?" She asked.
"Your not aloud to drink coffee. You know Will's rules. Your only 5." Jay stated.
"It's not for me. It's for Adam." She stated, watching as Antonio made a coffee for her.
"Why are you making him a coffee?" Jay asked.
"It's a surprise coffee." She smiled, holding up the pickle juice, hot sauce and salt.

Antonio and Jay looked at each other, instantly smirking. They helped the girl make the drink before helping her bring it to Adam. Antonio went around telling everyone what was about to happen.

"Adam." She spoke, putting the coffee on his desk.
"What's up kid?" He asked.
"I made you a coffee." She explained, motioning to the drink.
"A five year old kid treats me better than you lot." Adam told the whole room of adults.

Adam put the cup to his lips, taking in a bit of the coffee. However spat it out instantly.

"You... You don't like it?" Ashley asked, eyes filling with fake tears.
"I do! I love it! It just went down the wrong hole." Adam spoke.
Ashley burst out in tears. Antonio rushed over, picking up the girl.
Jay looked at Adam, arms crossed.
"I love it! See, I can prove it." He said before chugging the whole drink full.

"How is your mouth not burning right now? I saw how much hot sauce she put in there." Jay stated, surprised.
A second later, Adam was out of the room and chugging milk.

Voight walked in a second later, slightly confused as to why Adam was getting Milk all over himself and the floor.
He looked at Ashley who was smirking with Antonio and Jay. He instantly knew what happened by that. So he gave a high five to Ashley before going to his office.

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