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When Ashley was 13, she got sick, specifically the flu.
This was quite normal, so when she woke, coughing and sniffling. Warmer than normal. She threw her blanket back off of her body and just went back to sleep.

Will had gone off to work around 3 in the morning, so he left Jay to wake her up at 6am for school.

Jay did as he was meant to, going straight to her bedroom, knocking on the door and opening it.

He grabbed the blanket from the floor, confused as to why it wasn't on his sister. He put it infront of her feet before opening the curtains.

"Come on kiddo, time to wake up. You've gotta be at school in 2 hours. And you know Hank wants to see you before you go." Jay explained.
Ashley just coughed, curling up into herself.
"Ashley, are you alright?" He asked, moving over to her. "Ashley." He said again, moving her onto her back before putting a hand on her forehead. He sighed.

He ran out, grabbing the thermometer from Will's room before running back to her. Checking her temperature.

It was 38 Celsius, making it 101 degrees.
"Ok, you have a fever." he mumbled, pulling the blanket over her. Instantly tucking her in before running downstairs to grab water. He then gave it her, letting her drink some before moving to the side.

He called Will. Who answered almost instantly.

"What do you need Jay? You need to get Ashley up for school. Your lucky I'm on break, or I wouldn't answer." Will spoke.
"She's sick. Got a fever of 101." Jay instantly spoke.
"Right. I'm coming home to watch over her. Probably best you don't go into work. Two more degree's and she's going to the hospital. We're checking every hour. Start a timer." He spoke before hanging up.

He started a timer before phoning Hank.

"Hey, uh, Voight." Jay spoke.
"You're late. Why?" The man's voice came through the phone.
"Ashley woke up with a fever. Will's heading home, but she's not too far from having to go to hospital. So I need to stay with her." Jay explained.
"It's fine. Have you called the school?" Hank asked.
"Not yet." Jay explained.
"Right. I'll do that for you. Just make sure she's alright. Call if she's getting moved to the hospital." Hank explained.

Will eneded up looking after her, as if she was one of his patients. He had her drinking water every ten minutes. Using the bathroom as much as she needed.

She ended up having two cold baths. And by the time of the next morning. Her fever had broken. Will stayed home with her that day, making sure she rested. Jay went to work, but had to explain everything to the rest of the crew. Talking about her fever and how Will was still at home.

They just went back to normal after that.

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