Nighttime 'Nightmare'

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Jay was in his bedroom sleeping. His gun sat on his side table with his badge.
Will slept in his bedroom. His medical bed resting rather close to his bed.
Ashley (Age 4) slept in her bedroom. Her teddy right next to her face.

The bathroom was silent and dark.
The kitchen, sitting room and dining room all silent, no one inside and awake.

However just a floor downstairs, the appartment down there, people were talking. Until they weren't. There was a gunshot. Waking up all three of the Halstead siblings.

Jay instantly shot up, being the lightest sleeper seeing as he had been in the army. He grabbed his gun and his badge, putting them on his pants before pulling on his shirt. He then rushed out of his room and into his little sisters room, picking her up. The alarm going off to say something had happened and they had to get out. He then rushed out in time to meet a worried Will. He was holding his medic bag.

Will took hold of Ashley, seeing as Jay went infront of them with his gun up. Just in case of course if someone came up to them with a gun.
They managed to get outside.
Jay held Ashley on his hip as he phoned the Intelligence unit to explain what had happened since Police weren't there yet.
Will was walking around asking people if they were medically alright. Everyone seemed to be fine after a lot of asking.

Not even five minutes later, all of the Intelligence team were there. Most went inside to see the person who got hit by the bullet. The person was dead now.

It was all fine. But Will, Jay and Ashley all did end up staying at Adams house for the night. This was because the body wasn't moved until the next day. Which Jay ended up helping with.

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