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(I've got another suggestion, and it was Ashley simping over a Marvel character. She then gave me the option of Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Peter Parker and Loki.  I wanted to go with the most popular in us simps. And therefore it's Loki.
I'll be honest, I would probably never simp for Loki. However I believe that might be changing. I don't like how hes shown on screen. He doesn't seem caring. However the way that Fanfictions and tiktok make him. Gotta admit I get butterflies. I just hope that's enough to make Loki sound amazing in this. Enjoy)

Jay and Will both knew that Ashley had been ordering quite a few things online. They however didn't know what it was since she kept it all in her bedroom and she never opened the boxes infront of them.
Whenever the doorbell went off, she ran to the door and opened it. Grabbing the box and then rushing back upstairs.

So today when they got home early, they instantly headed up to her bedroom. Opening the door.
They didn't expect Ashley's bedroom to be littered with Loki merch. Posters all over the walls. Then she was asleep on the bed. Hugging a body pillow of Loki.

"It seems our baby sister has a crush." Jay stated.

They left the room.

At her next birthday, they sorted her out a Marvel themed party. A Loki cake.
Then they got her random things for her.

They even had Tom (The actor for Loki) come and visit. He was dressed as Loki. He spent the day with Ashley, giving her plenty of hugs and pictures.

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