Party Fire

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Ashley was 17 when out at a house party with a few of her friends. She was laughing and dancing, when most of them suddenly smelt fire.
"GET OUT! THERE'S A FIRE!" One of the girls yelled, running upstairs from downstairs where they suspected the fire was located.
"How bad's the fire?" Ashley asked.
"It's covering the kitchen." The girl answered.
"Okay, so get downstairs and out the front door. Don't go close to any of the doors and don't touch any metal, in case the heat has transferred." She explained.

They all started making their way out of the house as calmly as the lot of teenagers were able to. Afterall, stressing about the issue would cause even more issues. Ashley was looking around as they walked, making sure there was nothing that could have caused the fire.
Everyone managed to get out of the house safely, which Ashley made sure everyone was a certain distance away from after.

Ashley was on the phone to Severide who was still high up in the Fire Department. She was explaining the fire and that she needed some firefighters there to put out the fire. However while she was speaking the house blew up inside. It caused a bit of force but other than that, no harm done to anything else.

"Was that an explosion?" Severide asked.
"Yeah...The house just blew up inside. Can you hurry?" She asked.
"We're nearly there." Severide answered.

As Severide answered, Voight's car came speeding over before stopping. Voight hopped out with Antonio.

"What happened?" Voight questioned instantly.
"No idea. We were upstairs dancing and someone ran up explaining that there was a fire in the kitchen." She explained quickly.
Jay's car pulled up and he was quick to run over and hug her.

"I'm glad you all got out without any harm." Antonio stated.
"It was Ashley. She knew what to do. Told us to stay calm. We thank her for helping. If she hadn't then we probably would have still been in the house when it exploded..." Another girl replied fast.

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