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Ashley was in her classroom when the speaker ame into action.

"Can Ashley Halstead make her way into the headmasters office? I repeat, can Ashley Halstead make her way into the headmasters office?" The woman on the speaker asked.

"Go ahead, Ashley." The teacher motioned.
"Thanks." She grinned, walking out, grabbing her handbag on the way. She went to the headmasters office, knocking and walking inside.

"Ah, Miss Halstead, I'll get straight to the point. I have been told that you've been bullying a younger student for quite some time." The Headmaster explained.
"Sorry, what? I haven't bullied anyone! My brothers would kill me!" Ashley explained.
"I'm aware one of your brothers is a cop. However, despite that. You are in trouble for bullying. He can't get you out of it." The headmaster explained.

"Like hell you'll punish her." Will spat, walking into the room with Jay. They both looked pissed.
"The ginger one's the calm one." Ashley winked.

As if on cue, Hank walked in with Alvin.
"Mr Halstead-" The headmaster tried to speak.
"Detective Halstead." Jay corrected.
"Doctor Halstead." Will also corrected.
"Well, Doctor and Detective Halstead, you can't just bring in police to get her out of trouble." he explaned.
"Yes we can. Because the boy she's apparently bullying. Is the younger brother of the male that threatened to kill her after touching her inappropriatly. Now that I think about it. It happened in school. Meaning your endangering children. That means, stand up, your going to the station." Hank spoke, motioning Jay forwards with his handcuffs.

"FINE! She won't be punished! just... Dont arrest me." He sighed.
"Don't let it happen again." Alvin spat before they left the room with Ashley. They took her out of school, seeing as Jay didn't feel like keeping her in school for the rest of the day.

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