Car Crash

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Car Crashes. Another thing that I've not witnessed myself. Sure, I go in a car almost every day, but I've never been in a Car Accident. Sure, I've seen videos and that, but it's not all the same I guess.
I've done some research so that may be able to help so yeah.
This was another suggestion but due to them asking me not to post what they said, I won't be.

In a different way of saying it, they just asked for me to write a car crash chapter, involving Will and Ashley. In a none deathly way.
So that's what I'll do. Enjoy.

Age 13:

"Come on Ashley! If you don't hurry up then I'm going to be late for work! And you are currently running late for school!" Will told his sister.
"I'm sorry. I'm here. I couldn't find my skirt." She stated, rushing out with him to the car.
"It's fine. Couldn't you have worn jeans today though?" Will asked, getting into the car.
"We both know I won't wear Jeans unless I have to." She stated.

They were driving for five minutes, trying to get to her school before she was over the bell. However as they were driving through a green light. A car came speeding through red. With Police rushing behind him.

"WILL!" She cried before everything went black.

Jay had been called into work rather early in the morning, around 1am. It was due to a murder case. They had found the adress of the man who killed. At around 8, when his sister was going to school, that was when the who team ended up in a high speed car chase.

Around 2 cars so far had been hit, meaning 2 cop cars had already stopped to help them and wait for medical help.

However as the car smashed into another car, Jay instantly realised who's car it was. It was Will's.

Jay pulled to the side, getting out of the car and running over to the car. Over to his brothers car. Inside, Will and Ashley sat.
Will was telling Ashley that she'd be fine. While also looking at her head.

"Will, should we start getting you two out?" Jay asked.
"Wait till I get around there, then we need to get Ashley out carefully." Will told Jay. Quickly getting out of the car.
Jay tried to open the door. "Will, can't open the door." Jay stated.
"Get around here then." Will spoke, crouching in the car while removing the seatbelt from Ashley.

"Think you can crawl to me, Ashley? If it hurts, don't." Will told her.
Ashley crawled over to the other side as Will went back. Mainly pulled by Antonio who took his place in the car. Antonio then helped Ashley out of the car.

An ambulance finally came with a firetruck.
It seemed before the truck even came to a halt, Kelly had jumped out and ran over.

"Are you both alright?" He asked.
"It hit Ashley's side of the car." Will stated straight away.
"Right come on then Ash." Kelly smiled.

Kelly took her by the shoulder. Antonio also grabbed her other side. They then guided her over to the Ambulance.
"Come on, think you can answer some questions?" Jay asked, taking his older brother by the waist.
"Sure. You don't need to hold me." Will told him.
"Just in case. Till you get seen." Jay stated.
"Fine." Will sighed.

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