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Next request, here is what they said. Grammatically correct.

"Hello, I have a request, Ash is a child, maybe 6 or 7 years old. She takes some drugs from an unknown person, but not knowing/believing that they were candy she takes them. Of course, overdosing. Hailey finds her in her room and calls rescue."

Now, I'm gonna change it from Hailey, mainly due to the fact I really don't writing about either Erin or Hailey. So I'm going to change it to Adam.

"Hey kid, want some candy?" A man asked.
"uhm.. What kind?" Ashley asked.
"Uhhhh... Chalk candy's. You bite into them and drink some water." He explained.
"Oo! Fun!" Ashley grinned.
"Here you are." He smiled, handing her a bag of 'tablets'

Ashley went home and did the first one. However after a minute, she felt amazing and she felt like she NEEDED more. So she did.

1....2....3....4.....5.....6.....7.....8.....9.....10....11.....12.....13.....14.....15.....16......17.....18.....19....20.. and a few more.

In no time at all. She felt her body fall to the floor with a large thump.
Adam, who was in the house due to Jay and Will not being there. However,when he heard the thump, he rushed upstairs with his gun out.

When he saw her on the ground, he rushed her to the hospital, not even really checking anything else other than that she was breathing.

Ashley had to get her stomach pumped.
Let's just say Jay found the man and arrested him.
Will was pissed.

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