That Time of The Month

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Ladies, if you've ever had stomach cramps on that 'Time of The Month' then you'll understand this story a bit more. I surely do seeing as I was struggling with the 'lovely' cramps just yesterday.
Anyways, this was suggested again, so I hope you enjoy, Here's what the message said, with some edits to make it more gramatically correct.

"Hey I'm on my Period right now and I was wondering if you could make a chapter on your Halstead One-shots. I was thinking, Ashley having a period . Waking up in tons of pain. But since she knows Will and Jay won't let her stay home from school, she get's up for a bath.
She stays in the bath for over 30 minutes without realising, just feeling slightly better as the water calms down her cramps. But as she got out of the shower, and managed to get into her underwear and bra, her cramps hit her again, causing her to cry. Her brothers realise and enter. (Imagine Jay doesn't like locks on the doors because of an incident as a child)
Will and Jay tell her she doesn't need to go to school but she had to go to work with Jay so he could keep an eye on her.  (The men in the 21st are really caring to her .) Also can you add a bit where Voight acts like a dad for her. + Age 13

Not gonna lie these are the requests I prefer because it goes into detail of what they want written because if they would have just said 'Bad cramps, Jay and Will won't let her stay off school.' I wouldn't end up with what you want to read.
So anyways, let's get this chapter written. Enjoy.

Age 13:

Ashley woke up to a large amount of cramps in her lower stomach. It felt like knives were being plunged into her before being twisted and pulled back out.  Ashley just laid there, hands on her stomach, wincing.

There was suddenly a knock at the door before a voice spoke.
"Hey, Ash. It's time to wake up Sweetheart." Will spoke from outside the door.
"Alright!" She yelled.

Ashley got herself up, crying slightly as her stomach didn't want to be moved around. She just shrugged it off, grabbing a towel and clothes for today. She then walked to the bathroom, removing her clothes and getting in the bath.

She didn't have to lock the door, mainly because her brother, Jay didn't have any locks on the doors. It was because when she was around 6, she locked herself in the bathroom after being in a bad mood.

She shrugged it off anyways. But when she zoned back in from the flashback, there was a knock on the door.
"Come on hun. You've been in there for half an hour already. Hurry up so you have time for breakfast before school." Jay stated.
"Yeah sorry!" She shouted, getting out of the bath before drying herself, pulling on her underwear and her bra. That was however when a stabbing pain came through her stomach.

Ashley cried out, instantly crouching down with her hands to her stomach.
"Are you alright Ash?" Jay asked, knocking on the door.
She just cried out, the only thing she's able to do.
Instantly the door is opened and Jay rushed over, closely followed by Will.

"Hey, everything alright?" Will asked as Jay grabbed her dressing gown and helped her into it.
She just motioned to her stomach.
"God, that better not be appendicities." Will mumbled before picking her up, under her legs and then under her back before rushing to her bedroom before placing her down.

"Hun, i'm gonna press on your stomach, just tell me if it hurts." He told her.
"mhm..." She nodded, allowing him to press on her stomach.

After a minute he seemed to sigh thankfully.
"Not Appendicities." Will smiled slightly.
Jay suddenly walked in. "Blood in the tub." He stated.
"Your not injured are you?" Will asked. She just shook her head.
"Your on your period aren't you?" Jay asked.
"Mhm..." She mumbled.
"Right." Will nodded, running out of the room as Jay helped Ashley into some loose fitting pants and then one of his hoodies since she wouldn't put on anything else.

Will walked back inside the room a minute later, handing her some pain medication.
"Have you got a pad on? Tampon? Anything?" Will asked.
"Mhm..." She nodded, drinking some water.
"I'll pack her a bag. She can come to work with me today. She's not going to school like this." Jay stated, grabbing her hand bag. Putting pads, tampons, snacks, underwear into her bag as well as an extra pair of pants.
"I'm gonna be late to work. See you this evening." Will spoke, kissing her forehead before leaving.
After getting Ashley ready, Jay took her to the car, getting her settled in before driving to the station.

Once at the station, Jay walked slowly with Ashley since she was still complaining of cramps.
He stepped inside with her, smiling slightly at Trudy.
"Why isn't Ashley at school?" Trudy asked.
"Woke up with some servere cramps. We decided to keep her off of school for today." Jay explained.
"Aw, well, I'm here if you need someone to watch her." Trudy smiled.
"Thanks. Come on, Hun." Jay said, walking upstairs with her.

As soon as they stepped upstairs, everyones eyes were on the two.
"Woah, I think someones late for school." Adam stated.
"She's not going in today. She woke up with some cramps. She was barely able to walk before having some pain medication." Jay stated, placing their stuff beside his desk before guiding her to the Break Room. Telling her to have a nap which he didn't even need to tell her twice.

Later on when nearly everyone was busy, Voight decided to go to the Break Room for a coffee. He walked in and saw Ashley sat on the sofa, eating chocolate.

"Aren't you meant to be at school?" Voight asked.
"Bad cramps." She explained.
"Well, do you need anything while I'm up and moving?" Voight asked.
"A hug?" She asked.
"Fine." Voight sighed, walking over and hugging her.

"Woah, I'm getting less hugs and my boss get's more?" Jay joked.
"Yeah. Voight has the best hugs." She shrugged.
"Wow. Betrayal. But I'm glad your feeling better." Jay smiled.

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