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Ashley aged 9 wasn't in a good mood at the moment. She had been acting like a brat for two brothers all morning, and when they tried to take her to school she just wouldn't go. So Jay had to bring her to work with him.

"What's Ash doing here? Hasn't she got school?" Antonio asked.
"She's been misbehaving all morning." Jay stated, motioning for Ashley to sit down.
Ashley rolled her eyes, which led to her getting hit on the back of her head.

"Don't touch me!" Ashley spat.
"Ashley Halstead, you will sit down right now, without rolling your bloody eyes. Sit. Down." Jay spat.
"What's this about?" Voight asked.
"Ashley is being a brat." Jay responded instantly.
"Ashley is this true?" Voight asked.
"No. Jay's lying. He's always lying." Ashley spat.
"Attitude young lady, now get in my office, now." Voight stated.

Ashley sighed, nodded and walked into Voight's office.
"Tell me, Ashley, why are you in a bad mood?" Voight asked after closing his office door.
"I'm not. Jay's lying to you." Ashley responded.
"Ashley. I dont like people lying to me. I can tell you're lying. Tell the truth.  You dont want me to not like you anymore do you?" Voight asked.

Ashley looked down and sighed. "I don't know... they're just annoying me... I don't want to go to school... But Will wanted me to go, saying my education was needed." She explained.
"Your education is important, you want to be a cop right?" He asked.
"I want to be a detective." Ashley corrected.
"Then you need to work hard in school." Voight smirked.
"Fine... I'll say sorry to Jay..." She sighed.
"Good girl." Voight smiled.

Ashley left the office after hugging him. Ashley went to Jay, stopping infront of him.
"What do you need?" Jay asked.
"I'm sorry for being a brat..." She spoke.
"It's fine, go do your homework kiddo." Jay spoke, giving her a hug before handing her the bag.

She nodded and went off to do her homeowork.
"Seems Voight knows her well." Adam smirked.

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