Taken (MED)

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(While Ashley is at Chicago Med due to not being at school. A man grabs her. Holding her in his room to get stuff out of the hospital. Money. Age - 6)

Ashley was sat in the Break Room for the Doctors and Nurses, however grew bored. Usually a doctor would always check in on her every 10 minutes, just in case. But for the last hour, no one had entered the room to either check on her or make sure she wasn't too bored.
But this only led to her wanting some attention from her eldest brother Will.

She got herself off of the chair before walking out of the break room. Checking in each trauma room to see if she could see her brothers famous red hair. No other doctor had hair like it, so that was what she was looking for.
However, while she was walking and checking, a man suddenly grabbed her, pulling her inside the trauma room.

Ashley quickly screamed out. "WILL!" Before the man put a gun to her head. It made her confused, how did he manage to bring a gun into the hospital? They usually took belongings off of patients while they were in their care. And they couldn't have hid it in his clothes since he was in a hospital gown.

"Sir, please let go of the child." Maggie spoke, walking over carefully.
"No! Get me your boss!" He yelled.

The speaker suddenly said 'CODE SILVER'

Ashley watched as Maggie rushed off and her brother walked over.
"Excuse me, can you let go of her. You don't have to hurt anyone." Will spoke.
"Shut up or I'll shoot the brat!" He spat.
"Don't hurt her. Do you mind if I stand here? Just in case?" Will asked.

A moment later Sharon was there.

"What can I do for you sir?" She asked.
"One million pounds and you can have the kid back." He stated.
"That's fine. Are you alright with a check?" Sharon asked.
"Sure." He nodded.
Sharon grabbed a peice of paper before writing down on it.

Sharon walked forwards with the peice of paper. Handing to him before taking Ashley into a hug.
The man ran out however was grabbed by security. Grabbing the gun from him.

Will rushed in, grabbing his sister and hugging her tightly.
"Oh thank God your ok." Will muttered, still hugging her tightly.
"I'm fine Will. He's gone. He just wanted money." She explained.
"Connor! Mind checking her over just in case?" Will asked.
"Sure, come on kiddo." Connor smiled.

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