First Birthday

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The first birthday was always the best, and for Ashley, (Jay and Will's baby sister) she had a birthday that would always be remembered.

Hank Voight came with a toy for her, specifically a teddy dressed as a cop. (Will wasn't happy with that)

Antonio came with his two kids, Eva and Diego. Gabby also came with them.
As a small family, they brought a new blanket and a toy firetruck. (Gabbys way of trying to get the girl to be a firefighter)

Adam and Kim came together and they gave her a toy fruit basket. Tons of different fruits.

Kevin and Alvin came soon. Alvin giving her her a bunny push along while Kevin got her a baby car. (Kevin also brought his siblings with him)

A few other people made it, but Jay knew that his family was there to celebrate her birthday.

They opened gifts. Letting Ashley look at each and every one of them.

They had a Princess themed cake with a large number 1 on it. However, they gave her a smash cake first. It was a tiny cake that they handed over to her and allowed her to mush it up however she liked and just eat on her own. She could have a slice of the actual cake in a bit.

Once they had cake, the young girl was helped to play outside since she couldn't yet walk.

Then, finally at the end of the night, she was able to pick who put her to bed. (She chose Jay) and then picked a childs book.

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'

Jay and Will loved the book when they were younger, so reading it to their baby sister was always something that they loved to do. it showed that they were clearly related.

Will and Jay kissed their baby sister on the head before Jay stood up from the rocking chair, holding his sister. he then placed her in her crib, putting a blanket over her slightly before leaving her to rest. It had been a long day for the one year old baby girl.

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