Finally Walking!

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Ashley Halstead was officially 13 months. A month over 1 year old. She was living with her two big brothers Jay and Will.
She had gotten around 2 words set since she was 1. It was Jay (She always says Jay Jay) And then there was Will. (She usually says Ill) But either way, one thing she hadn't done yet was walk.

After all the trying of getting her to walk, Will stated that babies needed time and she'd walk when she was ready to, or when she figured it out. Heck, she had only just realised she had feet 8 months ago.

Either way, Jay was on duty to bring her to work for today, so he did just that.

"Morning." Jay spoke.
"How's Ash?" Voight asked.
"She's good." Jay smiled, putting her down in a little play section they had made for her.

"Break room for coffee." Antonio shouted.
"Coming!" Jay shouted back, forgetting about the fence of the gate. He just went into the break room.

Ashley sat there in silence for a moment but realised she wanted her big brothers attention. She grabbed the fence, pulling herself up. She wobbled a minute but copied the movements she had been taught. In no time at all, she had waddled to the break room.

"Jay jay!" She cried out.
The whole team looked over, most gasping.
"Yes! She did it!" Jay said happily, walking over and picking her up. "Theres my smart baby sister!" He smirked, bouncing her up and down as she laughed loudly. "Told Will she'd walk when she wanted something." He kissed her forehead. "Want orange juice?" he asked her.

However, since her brothers cockyness was shown, she was now reaching out for her 'grandpa' Hank.
"I got her." He sighed, taking the girl from her brother before putting her on the table.

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