Ex's and Hate

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Ashley was 6 when Jay Halstead, her brother began dating a new woman. Hailey Upton. Ashley didn't like her since Hailey much cared for the relationship with Jay than his little sister.

Jay's ex girlfriend, Amanda. who wasn't a police, was actually nice to her. She understood the situation and loved Jay and Ashley equally.

One day however Ashley was in the district's break room making a glass off juice. She however dropped the glass and instantly wanted her brother.

It wasn't her brother who came to the door. It was Hailey. Her brother's girlfriend.

"What did you do? Clean that up you idiot!" Hailey had yelled.
However, due to the racket, Jay rushed in and grabbed his baby sister, who was now crying due to being yelled at.

"Hey hun, what's wrong angel? It's alright. I got you. I got you." He spoke.
"A-Amanda!" Ashley had cried.
"I can't get you Amanda. Please calm down. What if I give you to Hailey? She's a girl." He spoke, about to walk over.

Instantly Ashley began screaming in tears. So Jay did what he was told and called Amanda.

"Hey, Manda. Ashley's crying for you. Think you can get here in less than 5 minutes? She's gonna overwork herself." He explained.

Amanda didn't answer but she rushed in 3 minutes later, grabbing the girl and rocking her in her arms.
Ashley calmed down instantly.
"What's wrong hunny?" Amanda asked.
"Hailey yelled at me!" Ashley cried.
"You what? Shes 6! How dare you yell at her!" Amanda yelled.

Jay stopped them from fighting, however told Voight what had happened.

Voight, having been protective of the young girl, instantly kicked Hailey out of the team. They didn't need her there since she was the only one who didn't love the girl and treat her like their own daughter.

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